Bachelor Villains: The 9 Most Cringe-Worthy Contestants

In the words of a legend, villains gotta vill—and let's be honest, their actions are what make the Bachelor franchise so damn watchable. Here, we call out the most notorious villains of all time—from Clint to Courtney to the infamous Ryan McDill

The contestants are there for love, but we tune in for the drama, baby, and no one else serves up drama better than Bachelor villains.

From Arie’s DM-sliding shenanigans to basically everything Nick Viall has ever done, Bachelor Nation is filled with bad behaviour, and—as much as we hate to admit it—would it really be the same dating series we know and love without it?

And so, we’ve rounded up some of the worst of the worst characters in the franchise. Here, the most cringe-worthy villains that we love to hate.

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