The Bachelor's Corinne vs. Taylor: Who Will Stay & Who Will Go?

After last Monday's most dramatic cliffhanger EVER, superfan Courtney Shea predicts whether Corinne or Taylor will head home tonight

Last Monday night’s v. dramatic episode of the Bachelor left us with a pretty significant cliffhanger following a two-on-one date with sworn rivals Corinne and Taylor.

Bachelor Predictions Corinne Taylor: A letter is presented to Corinne and Taylor for a date.

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To recap: The drama got started back in Episode 2 (when Corinne interrupted Taylor’s alone time with Nick), and continued as Taylor stole him back later that night. A few awkward convos and one very offensive nap later and these two became the official enemies of Season 21. Taylor thinks Corinne is an entitled brat. Corinne thinks Taylor is a condescending busybody. But what does Nick think? (Oh right—him.)

Last week Nick appeared to have made his choice when he sent Taylor home at the end of the two-on-one. That is, until she decided that she couldn’t possibly leave without one more attempt to destroy her nemesis. When we left off Nick and Corinne were having post elimination canoodle time when Taylor burst into the room. What happens next is anyone’s guess. A few of our predictions bellow.

Scenario #1: Corinne stays, Taylor goes

Taylor enters the room about to “speak her truth” re., Corinne’s wicked ways, but turns out that someone was pretty quick in constructing that voodoo doll. Corinne gives the doll a few good pricks (in the brain, of course), and Taylor suddenly has no idea why she is there or what she came to say. After some seriously awkward silence, Taylor goes home. Corinne later shares the whole voodoo plot in the confessional, but of course, Nick never sees it. The couple eventually affirm their love in the final rose ceremony and go on to get married in a giant bouncy castle. Corinne chooses Raquel (the nanny) as her maid of honour—because girlfriend has no other girlfriends. It is the shortest marriage in Bachelor history. Nick gets half the multi-million dollar company in the split. 

Bachelor Predictions Corinne Taylor: Corinne stabs a voodoo doll on The Bachelor episode 5.

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Scenario #2: Taylor stays, Corinne goes

Taylor bursts into the room and tells Nick that Corinne is not the woman he thinks she is… and now she has proof! In the hours before the confrontation, she has traded a few free mental health counselling sessions for footage from the last few weeks, including all the times when Corinne acts like an evil Disney villain on camera. She triumphantly rolls the clips for Nick, who seems especially gutted by the scene where Corinne takes the bite out of the rose. Nick tells Corinne that he cannot believe that their authentic emotional connection really was based on lies and whipped cream. The fortune-teller joins the group to reveal the damning Queen of Swords card and Corinne’s fate is sealed. Nick sends her back to Miami where her first stop is a spa and a chicken taco. Taylor stays, but gets kicked off in the next rose ceremony. Because let’s face it, those two have zero chemistry.

Scenario #3: Taylor goes, Corinne is a robot

Taylor marches into the room and announces to Nick that Corinne is a phony who all of the other girls can’t stand and who (need she repeat herself??) does not know the definition of the term emotional intelligence. Corinne’s bottom lip starts quivering. Nick gives her a supportive squeeze before asking Taylor if he can “talk to [her] outside for a second?” Nick reminds Taylor that he doesn’t care about all of the girl-on-girl house drama; he only cares about his relationships with each woman. Taylor is sent home, but when Nick goes back in Corinne is out cold. Turns out she is (aha!) not a real human, but a very sophisticated cyborg, and all of this “napping” business has actually been essential recharging sessions. The Bachelor (never one to shy away from cross-promo ops), tells viewers where they can order their own Corn-bot. Platinum va-jay version is extra.

Bachelor Predictions Corinne Taylor: Both Corinne and Taylor sit at a table on a two-on-one date.

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Scenario #4: Bella arrives, both go

After Taylor’s truth bomb, Nick explains to Chris Harrison that he’s going to need a little help. We assume it may be Jade and Tanner or Sean and Catherine, or maybe even gold old Chris Soules, but no—the surprise wise one is Bella, who has skipped the championship soccer game to give her big bro a valuable what’s what sesh. Bella’s take? Ditch both of these divas and choose Raven. Both women are escorted to the waiting SUV where they exchange zero words on the world’s most icy drive to the airport. Ironically, Taylor falls asleep.

Scenario #5: The ghost shows up

Taylor bursts into the room and is mid-exposé when all of a sudden the curtains start clattering. Then a wine glass is knocked from the table. Both women are nervous, despite Nick’s reassurances that it’s just the wind. But wait—it’s not the wind, it’s May the ghost from the group date who is mad because a bunch of the women were playing with her doll. Nick tells the ghost he is very sorry for the disrespectful behaviour, but the ghost isn’t satisfied. She wants a chance to join the ladies vying for Nick’s heart. He says yes (what else do you say to an angry ghost?), but of course this leads to major girl drama back at the mansion. Because—as Nick knows full well—it is totally not cool when someone new joins the gang, ghost or otherwise.

Bachelor Predictions Corinne Taylor: Corinne is lead away by the Bachelor Nick.

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