Three of Your Bachelor Nation Faves Are *Already* in Paradise

Count your blessings because Bachelor in Paradise came early this year: Jared Haibon, Grant Kemp and Daniel Maguire are all contestants on the Australian version of the series—and it's *pretty* juicy

Portraits of Bachelor Nation's Grant Kemp,Jared Haibon and Daniel Maguire-inline

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Don’t get us wrong, while we love our girl Becca Kufrin and can’t wait to watch her live the stellar love story she deserves on season 14 of The Bachelorette, Bachelor in Paradise is what Bachelor Nation *really* looks forward to each summer.

Well, count your blessings because this year, Paradise came early! Sort of.

Bachelor in Paradise Australia, set in beautiful Fiji, features Australia’s finest, following the exact same narrative as our beloved BIP.

And among the Aussies are some familiar faces, too. Enter Daniel Maguire, Grant Kemp and Jared Haibon, who are single and apparently couldn’t wait until summer to mingle.

Here’s the catch: There’s no legal way to watch this international version of Bachelor in Paradise in Canada. But no need for FOMO, because we’ve got you covered! Herewith, a deep dive into everything that’s happening with our Bachelor Nation faves Down Under.

A portait of Bachelor Nation's Daniel Maguire

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Daniel Maguire is up to his old tricks 

“Daniel was my all-time fave Bachelor contestant!” said no one ever. The last time we saw our fellow Canadian, he disappointed us big time. Daniel looked like he was in a pretty solid relationship during season 3 of Paradise, and even told Lacey Mark that he loved her. But on After the Final Rose, Lacey revealed that she and Daniel were donezo, and slimy footage of Daniel admitting to his producer that he wasn’t really in love with Lacey was served to audiences on a silver platter. Daniel gained undeniable villain status for playing sweet Lacey like a fiddle, and Bachelor Nation was instantly over him.

It looks like we’ve got the same ol’ Daniel Down Under. Long story short, for some inexplicable reason Daniel ends up having three women—Kiera, Nina, and Lenora—wrapped around his finger. Not only were two of them in relationships before Daniel arrived in Paradise, but Daniel is purposefully playing all of them, telling one girl “I’d leave Paradise if you went home,” and telling others “I can’t take my eyes off of you,” and “I’m sure about you.”

As if we weren’t already creeped out by Daniel, he proceeds to say this to his producer during one of his interviews: “They call me Gepetto cause I make women my puppets.” Excuse us while we yack.

The girls finally caught on to his douchebag-ery,and staged a coup at the Rose Ceremony, which ultimately sent him home. Boy bye.

A portrait of Bachelor Nation's Grant Kemp-inline

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Grant Kemp has been hitting the gym, hard

Grant showing up in Oz was a bit of a surprise, especially after his made-in-Paradise engagement with Lace ended. But Grant is back, and he’s in better shape than ever before. Case in point: When Aussie contestant Leah opened his shirt and literally moaned when she saw his abs.

However, Grant and Leah’s romance was short-lived. Grant ditched Leah to make out connect with a contestant named Ali. Leah was a (rightfully) irritated, telling others that Grant isn’t to be trusted, but so far, he and Ali are still going strong!

At this point, Grant could’ve just enjoyed himself and put his focus into progressing his budding relationship, but no. Remember Kiera, one of Daniel’s many gals? She and her Australian BF, Jarrod, had been pretty solid since Daniel’s departure, but Grant decided to tell Jarrod that Kiera wasn’t good for him. Kiera became unhinged and shared some words with Grant, and suddenly one of America’s finest isn’t so fine anymore.

A portrait of Bachelor Nation's Jared Haibon

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Jared Haibon doesn’t have any game

And then there’s Jared. Our sweet, precious, Jared who always has the WORST luck in Paradise for reasons we can’t quite seem to understand.

Back in Mexico, Jared’s issue was that he was liked by too many people. Ashley Iaconetti was his biggest admirer and was totes in love with him, completely breaking down whenever Jared would try to pursue a relationship with anyone else but her. (Let’s just say Jared never really experienced the paradise of Paradise.)

But it looks like these Aussies aren’t quite as obsessed. Not only are women rejecting dates with him, but he was only given a strategy rose because all the girls wanted Daniel gone ASAP.

Here’s to hoping the tides change soon for Jared. If not, we hear that Ashley I. *is* single again

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