Bachelor in Paradise 2017: Who Should Sign Up & Hook Up

So we know we're only five weeks into The Bachelor, but we already can't wait for season four of Bachelor in Paradise! Here, we predict five ratings-gold pairings

Bachelor in Paradise Dream Pairing #1: Corinne and Chad

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: We know Corinne will be there

Okay, we’re saying this now: Corinne better be on Bachelor in Paradise this year, or we’re not watching!

Corinne has been the source of all the best drama on this (so far quite tame) season of The Bachelor. With her love of nudity and constant need for attention, the freedom of Paradise is sure to fuel some p. exciting dramz… Plus: maybe she’ll bring Raquel along?

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: Chad and Corinne would be a match made in ratings heaven

We realize bringing Chad back to Paradise is a potentially dangerous suggestion. Howeverrr, Chad and Corinne would be the most entertaining couple in Bachelor Nation history—just  imagine the cold cut and appetizer eating compilations!!!

Bachelor in Paradise Dream Pairing #2: Rachel and Wells

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: We would love to see Rachel there, but let's be honest, she's too good for it

Rachel is definitely one of our fave Bachelor contestants, and although she’s way too classy/smart/mature for Paradise, there is someone we’re dying for her to meet.

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: How cute would a Wells-Rachel pairing be?

Wells is equal parts smart and gorgeous (just like Rachel!) And although they may not cause a ton of booze-fueled drama, we’re dying to watch them fall in sweaty, sweaty love.

Side note: Their couple name would be #wachel, and that’s too adorbs to handle. <3

Bachelor in Paradise Dream Pairing #3: Raven and Grant

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: Provided she's not Mrs. Nick Viall by then, we'd love to see Raven in Paradise

We fell in love with Raven after her one-on-one with Nick—largely due to her Southern charm and the way she bonded with Nick’s sister, Bella.

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: We can totally see Raven with Grant

After the announcement of the recent #Grace breakup, we’re really hoping to see Grant back on Paradise. These two cuties are both super sweet, and we’d love to see their relationship unfold.

Bachelor in Paradise Dream Pairing #4: Alexis and Daniel

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: Alexis and her dolphin suit were made for Paradise

Like Corinne, Alexis is a contestant we can almost guarantee will be back for Paradise (we’re also praying for the return of the dolphin-shark).

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: Please, relationship gods, let Daniel and Alexis be a thing

Alexis, meet Canadian treasure Daniel.

We think these two would be perfect for each other because they both have funny and sensitive sides. (Full disclosure: we low-key fell in love with Daniel during last year’s season).

Bachelor in Paradise Dream Pairing #5: Liz and Vinny

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: We have a feeling Liz will be back, if only to remind the world that she slept with Nick at Jade and Tanner's wedding

Liz and Nick did not rekindle their flame this season (we heard they slept together at Tanner and Jade’s wedding?), but TBH, the producers could not get enough of this plot line, so she’ll probably be back for more.

Bachelor in Paradise 2017: Can you not see Vinny and Liz together?

Sweet, sweet Vinny had his heart broken on the last season of Paradise, so we’re hoping he comes back this year and finds love. Liz and Vinny both have a similar vibe—they’re confident and they aren’t afraid to put themselves out there. We can totally see this happening.

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