What Would Have TRULY Made The Bachelor Finale Dramatic

We've got a few ideas—secret babies! host-contestant romance! a MAJOR change of heart!—about what would have actually made the season 21 Bachelor finale the most dramatic in franchise history. Read on for our very best Bachelor fanfic

Every Bachelor Superfan knows the classic Chris Harrison lie line: “It’s going to be the most dramatic episode/finale ever.” He says it every season and we fall for it every time, only to be left more disappointed than Nick on both seasons of The Bachelorette. And this got us thinking, what would actually make for the most dramatic ending ever? Our Bachelor-obsessed editors and a few loyal followers of our Bachelor live-tweets weighed in on what they think needs to happen on the season 21 finale for Chris Harrison to keep his promise.

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #1: Nick and Corinne Live Happily Ever After

“This season has been an absolute snore-fest so it would take a lot to do a complete 180 and actually end with a finale that warranted our collective attention. That being said, I think it *could* happen if the following series of unfortunate events would  happen: Nick shocks the world and picks Raven over clear front-runner Vanessa. Vanessa, upon hearing Nick’s blubbering about not being able to marry her,  pulls a Josephine and slaps him real hard. Nick then proposes to Raven, but our sweet Southern belle finally realizes that she can do so much better and at 25, she’s in no real rush to settle for a professional Bachelor contestant. Raven leaves. Desperate not to end up alone again, Nick heads to Miami to be with the one who truly got away: Corinne. And together (with Raquel, of course) they live happily ever after…until their inevitable appearance on Bachelor in Paradise.” —Ishani Nath, associate features editor

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #2: Nick Has a Secret

“Raven steps out of the limo/helicopter/blimp first, and we know she’s getting the boot. We’re all set up for him to choose Vanessa, but Nick doesn’t propose to her either. Instead, he turns to the camera and announces to Bachelor Nation that he’s gay. And that’s not all. He’s doing ANOTHER season of The Bachelor, and it’s going to be the first (Lance Bass-hosted garbage aside) same-sex season in the franchise. We finally get to see the chemistry that we never got from his first stint as The Bachelor, and Nick ends up happily engaged to a guy who looks a little too much like Nick’s former nemesis and Kaitlyn Bristowe’s current fiancé, Shawn.” —Tara MacInnis, associate fashion & beauty editor

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #3: Chris Harrison Falls in Love

“My Bachelor fan fiction revolves around the low-key eternal star of the franchise: Chris Harrison. He’s been at the helm of 21 seasons and has remained a caring confidante to countless Bachelors and Bachelorettes and now—it’s his turn for love. Nick waits anxiously at the freezing Finland break-up/proposal spot while viewers all ponder the same thoughts: 1) Will “the women” be wearing coats over their formal wear? and 2) Will it be Raven or Vanessa. The first limo—or SUV, because snowy Finland—arrives and Raven steps out. This isn’t looking good for the sweet Southern gal. Nick showers her with compliments and Nick-style gratitude (srsly, this guy is nothing if not extremely thankful all the time), and then tells her she’s not the one. She’s an emotional wreck. There are many, many tears. The next car arrives and in a stunning twist, out walk both Vanessa and… Chris Harrison?! What in the actual eff, thinks every single person watching. They walk toward Nick and it suddenly becomes apparent they’re holding hands. They proceed to tell Nick that while he was falling for at least four women, they were developing their own 1-on-1 behind-the-scenes. Remember the episode where Nick broke up with Kristina and Vanessa was nowhere to be found? Turns out she was off canoodling with Chris. Nick is shocked, and heartbroken, as Chris proposes to Vanessa in the very same spot he planned to do it and with a Neil Lane sparkler, no less (that’s cold). Chris moves to Montreal and he and Vanessa live happily ever after. Nick vows to never be on another season of The Bachelor…but on After the Final Rose, reveals he’ll be giving Bachelor in Paradise another shot. Chin up Nick, you can always try to Make America Corinne again…that is, if she’ll have you.” —Jennifer Berry, entertainment staff writer 

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #4: #TeamCorn

“I think we can all agree that season 21 has been a bit of a snore. For Nick to really turn this thing around, here’s what needs to happen. It’s the final rose ceremony, and Nick is standing on an snowy podium in frigid Finland. A large Hilton sign looms in the distance, visible from all camera angles. Vanessa gets out of the limo, and immediately begins crying because, well, you know, she didn’t realize it would be this hard. Chris Harrison leads her to the podium, making awkward small chat all the way. Once she’s there, Nick cuts to the chase, mumbling: “Vanessa, this decision is very difficult, but I’m just going to follow my heart.” He opens his suit jacket to reveal a (v. snug) T-shirt emblazoned with the logo “Team Corn.”” —Maureen Halushak, deputy editor

The Bachelor finale: What would make tonight's finale the most dramatic ever? Nick picks Corinne


Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #5: Nick Meets His Love Child

“Here’s what needs to go down to actually make tonight’s finale “the most dramatic ever” (but I’m not holding my breath): Raven gets out of the limo and walks towards Nick in an OTT sparkly gown—and as we suspected, doesn’t get a rose. Raven leaves, heartbroken, and they cut to an ITM of Nick saying he’s decided to move to Montreal for Vanessa and can’t wait to spend the rest of his life with her. Romantic music plays in the background as Nick looks down at the massive Neil Lane ring he picked out. We all watch while Nick anxiously awaits Vanessa’s arrival. Finally we see a woman turn the corner but—surprise plot twist—it’s not Vanessa. It’s Liz! And she’s holding a baby. Nick looks like he’s going to throw up as Liz and baby step onto the platform that he’s supposed to be proposing to Vanessa on in, like, two minutes. After some awkward silence, Liz finally speaks: “Nick, I know this is bad timing but this is our love child from Jade and Tanner’s wedding. It’s why I came on the show, but you sent me home before I could tell you.” After a lot of tears and a major meltdown, Nick considers all the publicity this could bring him and decides to ditch Vanessa (he never reeeally wanted to move to Montreal anyway, he’s an AMERICAN after all) and help Liz raise their love child. A few months later they have their own show on Freeform: Nick, Liz & Baby: Happily Ever After?” —Sarah Trumbley, assistant editor

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Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #6: Fourth Time’s Not the Charm

“It’s going to be pretty hard for normcore/mumblecore Nick to turn this into “the most dramatic finale ever,” but judging by his brutal honesty and unpredictable goodbyes this season, I think he’s going to let Raven go before the final proposal. Poor Raven is obv going to be crushed because Nick is “good at what he does” (A.K.A. he just gave her the craziest orgasm in Fantasy Suite history). I’m also kind of hoping she declines Nick’s offer to “walk her out” as the ultimate power move. It would be p. dramatic if Vanessa then declines Nick’s proposal, leaving him single for the FOURTH time. This will inevitably be because Nick is too “proud to be American” to move to Montreal, even though Vanessa is the one with the stable job and students who love her to literal tears.” —Erika Graham, Culture Intern

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #7: Nick’s Turtleneck Lets Him Down

“Vanessa steps out of the limo, in a beautiful floor-length gown, awaiting Nick’s proposal. Teary-eyed Nick awaits her arrival. In preparation for the big night, Nick picked out the sparkliest ring from his old friend, Neil Lane, and his finest outfit: a sharp, black suit and his beloved grey turtleneck. Vanessa spots Nick—and his terrible turtleneck—seconds after she gets out of the limo. She politely turns around, gets back into the vehicle and tells the driver to gun it. Nick, and his turtleneck, are left alone once again.” —Erinn Stewart, assistant fashion & beauty editor

The Bachelor finale: What would make it the most dramatic finale ever? Nick gets rejected because of his turtleneck


Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #8: This Entire Season Didn’t Even Happen

“As a Bachelor noob, I went into this season expecting it to be a buck. wild. extravaganza of reality television trash—my favourite kind of reality TV— but have been hideously underwhelmed so far. My dream Most Dramatic Finale Ever goes something like this: Raven and Vanessa are preparing to meet the people who will hopefully be their future in-laws; Mama Viall, Papa Viall and their 10 new brothers and sisters. They set their false lashes in place, clip in the last hair extension from their beauty kit, and touch up the seven layers of contour currently buffed into their faces. They want to make an unforgettable first impression—but more importantly, they want Nick. When the two arrive at the Viall residence, they realize they’ll be meeting the family together, not separately. “A two-on-thirteen date?!” they say to each other. “Twinzies!” Raven thinks to herself with a smile. When they enter the house, Nick is noticeably missing. It’s then that the producers drop the real bombshell: Raven and Vanessa are being subpoenaed to testify as character witnesses in Nick’s current legal proceedings for charges brought against him by multi-million dollar business owner Corinne for eliminating her. “I NEED TO SEE NICK. WHERE IS NICK?!” Vanessa demands. “Who is ‘Nick’, Vanessa?” Mrs. Viall asks, with a look of concern on her face. “Why does Mrs. Viall look like a mop with a wooden handle?” Vanessa asks herself. It’s then that she realizes that neither she nor Raven have been competing on The Bachelor at all. Vanessa looks over at the cameraman and realizes he isn’t holding a camera, but a Dunkin’ Donuts box with a hole in it—the cameraman isn’t even a man, but a rocking chair. She frantically looks over to Raven, but in her place is a mannequin in hand-me-downs. “Raven?!” Vanessa screams. The camera cuts to a wide shot and it’s revealed that Vanessa is actually in a room by herself, surrounded by inanimate objects.” —Michael LiPreti, senior video editor

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #8: Santa Claus Comes to Town

“So Rovaniemi, Finland—where the finale is set—is the OFFICIAL home of Santa Claus. Like, legit. My theory: Nick is at the final rose ceremony contemplating his (mostly sucky) life choices when all of a sudden there’s this huge rumbling noise, and then someone cries, “Avalanche!” The camera pans over to the mountains in the distance and we see it: a huge wave of snow is heading towards Nick and company! Chris Harrison ducks out of the way, saving himself first (natch), the crew panics and no one pays attention to Nick or tries to save him (because no one really cares about him, TBH). And out from the literal flurries is not an avalanche but…Santa Claus. He’s arrived in this spectacular snowy fashion because he’s noticed Nick and his elfin features, and he wants to recruit him for his team. Since Nick is only on the show for the publicity and to land a sweet C-list gig—and because he’s terrified of Vanessa’s family and having to please Raven in bed on the reg—he gladly accepts. The parting shot is of Nick in the sleigh with Santa and a “Ho-ho-ho” which is oddly apropos.” FLARE contributor Brianne Hogan, @briannehogan

3 days away. The finale of The Bachelor is going to be magical AF

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Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #10: Not So Happily Ever After

“I think this season they’re going to stray from the “happily ever after” model and have Nick not pick either of the final two. Neither of them are right for him and he did mention before that he wasn’t going to pick a girl and get married just for the sake of being engaged. He’s already had his heart broken a few times on live television, the last thing he (or his publicist) wants is another PR scandal. Plus, that way they can make Corrine the next Bachelorette and replace Chris Harrison with Raquel the Nanny.” —FLARE contributor Caleigh Alleyne, @caleighalleyne

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #11: Ghost of Girlfriends Past

“There is no way Nick is going to move to Canada or Arkansas. If he’s going to find love at the end of the season, it’s going to be with someone else. I have my hopes on seeing a ghost of girlfriend’s past return and have Kaitlyn dump Shawn and pick Nick after all, or Jen from Bachelor in Paradise return for a ring. There’s no going back to software sales after The Bachelor, so a career change may be in his future as well. Maintenance Manager at The Bachelor Mansion? I’d love to see snaps of him working as a pool boy as Corrine floats around.” —FLARE contributor Kayla Matos, @kaylamatos

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Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #12: #Twinning

“Imagine it: Nick gets down on one knee and asks Raven to marry him. In the next scene, he gets down on one knee again, and asks Vanessa to marry him. Wait, what? Where’s the cream filling?  Well, I’ll tell you. Nick pulled the old Olsen switch-a-roo. There have actually been two Nicks the entire time. He has an identical twin!!!! *gasps* His name is…Nicodemus. And he’s fallen in love. Meanwhile somewhere in Finland there is a large pile of discarded knit turtlenecks that Nicodemus had to wear just to keep up the ruse. Nicodemus hates turtlenecks. He’s more of a Gap basic tee guy. And, he’s TOTALLY willing to move to Canada.” Bachelor fan and Jetset Justine blogger Justine Iaboni, @justineiaboni

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #12: Nick Pulls a Mesnick

“I know that many Bachelor fans want Nick to find his true love in the finale but let’s be honest, he’s been on four Bachelor-related shows and is heading to Dancing with the Stars next week. In my opinion, the most dramatic ending would be for him to walk away from both women at the end and pledge his devotion to building his own brand. It’s the classic ‘It’s not you, it’s me. I love you, but I love my fame more’ syndrome. He sends Raven away and proposes to Vanessa at the Final Rose Ceremony, but during AFR tells everyone that he’s ending the relationship because of DWTS and his desire to stay in L.A. to further his career. Dumping her on live TV, Mesnick-style, is perfect for ratings! I can just see the title of his autobiography now—Viall Style: Confessions of a Bachelor Nation Reality Star. Nick is a serial reality-TV player, and knows how to get the ladies to fall for him with his good looks and charm. As long as he’s in the public eye, his bank account and popularity will continue to grow!” —Bachelor fan and influencer Sandy Trojansek, @sassygirlcanada

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #14: The Return of Corinne

“A few media outlets have recently spotted Corinne wearing an engagement ring, does that mean she could be The One?  My big question is, will Nick actually end up with anyone? Will Nick and his new bae get a TV show? And if he does choose Vanessa, it would be hysterical if he was denied entrance to Canada. It would make great TV and I think it would add a nice dramatic flare to the season finale!” —Bachelor fan and blogger Becca Glasser- Baker, @TeaWithBBlog 

The Bachelor finale: What would make it the most dramatic finale ever? Corinne comes back


Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #15: The Return of Corinne, Part 2

“What would make for the most dramatic ending? Nick realizes he’s made a mistake in eliminating Corinne and our favourite part of this season returns for the finale; platinum vagine and nanny Raquel in tow. Imagine?!” —Bachelor fan Kate Makinson, @katemakinson

Fantasy Bachelor Finale Ending #16: #TeamNickGetsRejected 

“I have yet to be more shocked than when Jason Mesnik changed his mind on AFR. The only thing more dramatic than that would be if Nick did the same thing and got rejected once more. As a fellow Italian-Canadian girl, I was initially Team Vanessa and I honestly believe if Nick doesn’t pick Vanessa it is because she’s clearly not willing to leave her family and he’s not ready to live in Canada (his loss). Now, I think Raven will be the dark horse winner like Catherine Giudici-Lowe.” —Bachelor fan Roselin Sgro, @roselinsgro

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