6 Things Missing From Frank Ocean's Visual Album Endless

Frank Ocean just dropped his visual album Endless and well... there are a few things we would have liked to see

After what felt like an endless wait, Frank Ocean just dropped his first new material in four years, but it wasn’t the album Boys Don’t Cry that peops have been feverishly anticipating. Instead, he pulled a Beyoncé and released a visual album, Endless, and tbh at 45-minutes long, it kind of feels that way. Unlike Queen Bey’s Lemonade, where each song has its own unique video-within-a-video, Endless barely changes camera angles over the course of almost 20 (!) new tracks. We dreamed up six things we would have loved to see in Frank’s black and white warehouse.

1. Personal Sandwich Station:
 ‘Cause a girl’s gotta eat and this vid is over 40 minutes long.

2. Scrooge McDuck Money Pool: We love you Frank but maybe less emo, more money. A Bey cameo never hurts either.

3. The Artist In Process: Just be honest with yourself and let your freak flag fly. Even if it’s for Avril Lavigne.

4. Cat Cafe: You released an album on the internet. Where are the cats?!!

5. Sociopath Dexter Room: The songs def have a creepy vibe so why not go all the way? Blood sells, let’s give the people what they want.

6. FIRE: Fire is cool. A horse made of fire is cooler. You’re welcome.

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