5 Ways to Collect Art on a Budget

We asked the director of The Love Art Fair how to score great pieces on the cheap

Great art often doesn’t come cheap, unless you know where to look. Nicole Milkovich, director of The Love Art Fair—a more affordable, accessible way to buy art—has a few suggestions for how to score the best pieces at the best prices.

1. Do your research.  A lot of what goes into a collection is getting to know what’s out there and finding what really inspires you. Consult art books, talk to friends about their favourite artists, and take time to discover the mediums you like—and don’t like. Photography? Watercolours? Video art? There’s something for every taste.

2. Attend local art fairs and exhibits. Start with your own city and work your way out: there’s always a lot to explore at local galleries.

3. Don’t let yourself get intimidated.  While the wider art world might be filled with impossibly rich, beautiful, famous people, it’s not the only avenue for contemporary fine art. The art world can be small, local, and affordable, too. Don’t be shy: oftentimes, curators and art dealers are more than happy to teach newcomers more about the work they love, too. They can also help you learn what types of art are collectable and may increase in value.

4. Set a budget. Gauge value by your heart—it’s about love. Art doesn’t always have to be expensive to be good (and look super-awesome in your apartment). Take some time to set a budget: how much are you willing to spend? What can you reasonably save each month to reach that goal? If you truly love it a piece, it’s usually worth the price tag.

Click through this gallery for a few of our favourite pieces from The Love Art Fair