The Bachelorette Canada’s Jasmine Lorimer Has Some BIG News

Jasmine Lorimer—first-ever Bachelorette Canada and all-round cool-girl—sat down with ET Canada today to give us an update on her life with fiance Kevin Wendt. Here's what we learned (it's good!)

1. She’s moving to Toronto to be with Kevin
Since accepting Kevin Wendt’s proposal on her season of The Bachelorette Canada, the two have been doing the LDR thing for the past nine months (he’s in Toronto, she’s on the West Coast). Jasmine says she hopes to be living in Toronto later this year.

2. Jasmine and Kevin’s mom are cool now
According to Jasmine, she had no clue Kevin’s mom didn’t like her until after the show aired. “She’s never ever had a problem since then,” says Lorimer. “She’s been more than open and very supportive.”

3. Jasmine and Kevin are planning a post-V-day trip to St. Lucia
Unfortunately the happy couple won’t be together on February 14, but they do plan on soaking up some sun together a few days later. (Hopefully there will be no more storming out of the Fantasy Suite.)

4. She still keeps in touch with Mikhel
Jasmine says she occasionally talks to runner-up Mikhel Sickand and notes that he’s now in a very happy relationship. (<<single tear of sadness>>)

5. Jamine doesn’t think Corinne is *that* bad
She thinks the other girls just might be jealous of  this year’s Bachelor villain, Corinne Olympios. “I think they’re resentful of her because Nick likes it,” says Lorimer. We couldn’t agree more, BB!

Jasmine’s full interview with ET Canada airs tonight at at 7:30 p.m. on Global.

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