5 Reasons Lady Gaga is Carpool Karaoke's Best Guest Yet

James Corden in a meat dress, her insane pipes and more reasons Lady Gaga singing in a car gave us chills

lady gaga carpool karaoke

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The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke segment has had some unforgettable moments. Lovable host James Corden has swapped clothes with Justin Bieber, taught choreography to One Direction and prank-texted Leo DiCaprio from J.Lo’s phone (TBH, still living for his “You mean tonight, boo boo? Club wise?” reply) but it’s his genuine enthusiasm, fan-boy moments and actually p. good musical talent that are bloody infectious. And considering he recently sang Spice Girls with Adele and harmonized “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” with FLOTUS (with a backseat cameo from Missy Elliot, no less), we weren’t sure he could top himself. Enter Lady Gaga. She just released Joanne, her first solo album since 2013’s Artpop, and gave a killer performance on SNL so naturally riding shotty with James was next. We watched (and re-watched) the segment and are convinced: Mother Monster is Carpool Karaoke’s best guest yet. Here, 5 moments that prove it.

1. When she reminded everyone how insane her voice is 
In case you forgot, Gaga can belt, a fact she reminded viewers of over and over. From harmonizing with James on “Bad Romance” (after dissecting the finer points of the “Ra ma ooh la la” lyric) to slaughtering her emotional new song “A Million Reasons” in matching dusty rose chapeaux and even teaching James warm-up exercises—including critiquing his pitch—her voice was on-point. Also, “Benedict Cumberbatch.”

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2. When she had a glorious potty mouth
Gaga dropped *almost* more F-bombs than the Thug Kitchen chefs and on TV, no less. Not censoring herself = another reason we heart Gaga, especially when her heckling a passerby “Move!” naturally developed into an impromptu and dazzling rendition of the Ludacris classic “Move B-tch, Get Out The Way.”

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3. When James got made over in some of Gaga’s most iconic looks
And his version of the meat dress was made out of cold cuts.

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4. When she took the wheel
Gaga jumped in the driver’s seat after revealing that she just got her licence at 30 (and sharing the v. cute story of her dad’s tears of pride at the DMV, #Bless) and James did a little prayer before throwing on a helmet.

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5. When they did a dramatic reenactment of her getting the call about doing the upcoming Super Bowl half-time show
It went something like this and, as you can imagine, gave Gaga (and us) the giggles:

Lady Gaga: “Hello?”
James Corden: “Hey, Gaga.”
Lady Gaga: “Hey, what’s up?”
James Corden: “It’s Dave from, uh, the NFL. You remember Dave?”
Lady Gaga: “No.” (Laughing) “Hi Dave.”
James Corden: “What are you doing early next year?”
Lady Gaga: “Uh, oh my gosh, are you giving me the Super Bowl?”
James Corden: “Yes. That’s amazing that you even knew that from that small bit of information. Do you want to do the Super Bowl next year, the half time show?”
Lady Gaga: “Oh, f-ck.”

Watch the full segment here:

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