5 Reasons Amy Schumer Will Slay the MTV Movie Awards

She's funny, fearless and a feminist: there's no doubt Amy Schumer's hosting debut will be the stuff of one-liner legends

(Photo: Variety/MTV)

(Photo: Variety/MTV)

The Academy Awards could learn something from the MTV Movie Awards. (Stay with me here.) While the golden popcorn may not be as prestigious as an Oscar (it’s basically the awards equivalent of a participation ribbon), the MTV Movie Awards is a helluva lot more fun, and pound for pound has produced some of the most memorable awards show moments in history: Ryan and Rachel recreating the Notebook kiss, J. Lo getting down with Les Grossman (Tom Cruise’s gross Tropic Thunder character), and Eminem freaking out over a face full of Bruno’s butt cheeks.

Not exactly highbrow, but certainly entertaining. And when it comes to choosing a host, the MTV powers that be look for someone edgy, funny and hot with a demo that doesn’t include grandparents. Aziz Ansari, Russell Brand and Sarah Silverman have all held the host mic, and this year, Amy Schumer will definitely cause some pearl-clutching. Here are 5 reasons we think she’ll kill it on April 12.

She’s Not Afraid of the F-Word
Through social media, stand-up comedians like Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Natasha Leggero and Megan Amram offer up feminist (and outrageously funny) takes on topics like aging, birth control and boobs. Add Schumer to the list: her speech about awful sexual experiences and finding her inner Fairy Godmother at the Ms. Foundation for Women gala was a viral sensation, for good reason.

She’s Wicked Funny
We could talk about her meteoric rise in the stand-up world, her outrageously funny show Inside Amy Schumer or her rep as one of the most collaborative comics working today, but her jokes speak for her better than we can: “I don’t think that’s a cute accent on dudesthe French accent. It makes my vagina shut like a steel trap. I mean, thank god for that other hole.”

She Owns the Celeb Takedown
Celebrity jokes are a must at the MTV Movie Awards, and Amy has the experience in the cruelest celebrity forum of all: Comedy Central roasts. Her take on Charlie Sheen—“You’re just like Bruce Willisyou were big in the ’80s and now your old slot is being filled by Ashton Kutcher”—has us excited for some good old fashioned burns.


(Schumer and Bill Hader in Trainwreck (Photo: Universal Pictures)

She’s Leading Trainwreck
If SXSW buzz is any indication, her upcoming movie Trainwreck (July 17) will propel her from comedy’s it-girl to household name (much like Girls did for Lena Dunham). She wrote and stars in the anti-romcom flick about a boozy, work-hard, play-harder career woman pursued by a nice guya refreshing take on overgrown adolescence, familiar terrain of director Judd Apatow.

She’s Made All the Right (Career) Moves
Hot off the Twitter press, Grantland boss Bill Simmons and The AV Club reported that Amy was rumoured to have been approached to take over The Daily Showand likely passed because of her upcoming opportunities. Plus her allegedly un-airbrushed EW cover reveal last week brought the buzz as well. Clearly, Schumer knows how to get people talking

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