5 Must-Listen Podcasts for Your Summer Roadtrip

Unqualified advice from celebs, intimate conversations with powerful women, gut-busting laughter—there's a podcast for that

It’s a radio renaissance, people! AKA the best time for anyone who is great at listening. You can fill your headphones full of whatever you want—from poignant and personal storytelling (eg. Modern Love, based on the New York Times’ weekly reader-submitted essays) to the funny and feminist—hat-tip to Crimson Wave hosted by Toronto besties and comedians Natalie Norman and Jess Beaulieu. Here are our 5 fave podcasts sure to keep you occupied, interested and amused as you zoom off to the nearest beach, cottage or sunny destination.


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Anna Faris is Unqualified
Actress and certifiable funny-woman Anna Faris hosts this aptly-named series, and her adorable voice has interviewed the likes of Olivia Munn, Jenna Dewan Tatum and Aubrey Plaza. Each weekly episode touches on a completely different topic, from basketball to making out to superheroes. If you love goofy and random makes you laugh, this is the podcast for you.
Must-listen episode: #13 (Featuring Ellen Page)


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Plz Advise
Molly McAleer, co-founder of Hello Giggles and renowned blogger/screenwriter, brings a quick-witted charm and brutal honesty to every episode of Plz Advise. The most interesting part of this series is that anyone can call in and leave a message for Molly and her guests, seeking (and finding) advice on love, sex and beyond.
Must-listen episode: Drippin’ Gold (Featuring Eden XO)

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Women of the Hour
With the help of guests like Emma Stone, writer Ashley C. Ford and Girls co-star Jemima Kirke, Lena Dunham delves into important topics like self-love, friendship and productivity with her distinct spin, of course. There was major heartbreak for fans worldwide when this podcast finished with only 5 episodes of brave and honest-to-goodness girl-talk but we’re excited that it will be back as the official Lenny podcast with a scheduled return in the fall—with twice as many episodes!
Must-listen episode: Love & Sex

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2 Dope Queens
A combination of stand-up and storytelling, 2 Dope Queens is hosted by Jessica Williams (The Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson (Broad City). These hilarious women explore the world of modern culture, including but def not limited to: Tinder, racism in TV casting and “trolling for peen.”
Must-listen episode: #3 Halibut


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Here’s the Thing
First thing’s first: host Alec Baldwin has a voice that is SMOOTH. AS. BUTTER. So that’s a major bonus. Plus, guests have included Ellie Kemper, Judd Apatow, Jimmy Fallon and Making a Murderer directors Laura Ricciardi and Moira Demos. The major selling point of this podcast: people and topics came from all over the proverbial pop culture map.
Must-listen episode: Amy Schumer Grew Up in a Nude House


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