5 Minutes With… Sara Canning Of The Right Kind of Wrong

The Right Kind of Wrong actor talks about the undeniable chemistry between her and co-star Ryan Kwanten and her own relationship rules.

Sara Canning in The Right Kind of Wrong; image courtesy of Entertainment One

Sara Canning in The Right Kind of Wrong; image courtesy of Entertainment One

What do you get when you take an offbeat, romantic underdog story, set it against the beautiful backdrop of Alberta and cast the equally beautiful (and Canadian!) Sara Canning and drool-worthy Ryan Kwanten? That’s the right kind of mix you’ll find in The Right Kind of Wrong, a romantic comedy from Benny & Joon director Jeremiah Chechik about pursuing love at first sight at all costs. And while rom-com clichés are hard to break, Canning assures us that the TIFF 2013 hit isn’t your typical tale of boy-meets-girl (she has her meet-cute with Ryan at her own wedding, after all). The actor spoke with FLARE about her adventurous leading man, the movie mom of her dreams (fellow Canuck, Catherine O’Hara), and her obsession with vintage.

FLARE: Have you seen True Blood? Ryan has more than a few steamy scenes, so were you excited to work with him?

Sara Canning: I had seen True Blood, so no surprises there because I had seen most of him before I even met him! It’s really special when an actor is there to connect with you right from the beginning of the chemistry test, and I think Ryan is really generous that way. He’s very spontaneous and it kind of goes hand-in-hand with his character, Leo. I think his spontaneity is a big part why [my character] Colette falls for him, that along with his attitude about love and going after what you want. I think that’s Ryan’s philosophy in life, too; the guy is a real adventurer—he runs up mountains just for a leisurely workout!

FLARE: In the movie, Ryan’s character is the victim of an ex-wife’s tell-all blog This Is Why You Suck. Do you think it is important for people to keep relationships out of the public realm?

SC: Definitely. I am active on Twitter and Instagram and like feeling connected to friends and fans, but I am very old-fashioned when it comes to my very private and most personal relationships, be it with friends, parents or a significant other. I think that the film makes an interesting statement on where we are at with social media.

Ryan Kwanten and Catherine O'Hara in The Right Kind of Wrong; image courtesy of Entertainment One

Ryan Kwanten and Catherine O’Hara in The Right Kind of Wrong; image courtesy of Entertainment One

FLARE: What was working with Catherine O’Hara like?

SC: I think I was more excited about her being my mom than about me being in the film! She was so great work with, and was so unassuming and grounded; she genuinely cared to hear about your day. When I look at her great improv background, it is no wonder why she is so open [as an actor].

FLARE: How would you describe your personal style?

SC: My personal style is influenced by what I am working on. For example, I did a gothic romantic piece five years ago that really influenced my style and love for modern Victorian fashion. I love androgyny, like suits, men’s trousers and boots. I really love vintage shopping and looking at the history and story behind an item.

FLARE: Any favourite stores?

SC: I actually just moved to Toronto. Everyone has been telling me to go to Jonathan+Olivia, and this vintage store called I Miss You, so I am excited to explore those! In terms of designers, I have been really liking Alexander Wang lately; his pieces are just so cool: kind-of edgy, but also classic.