5 Fiercely Funny Female Comedians to Follow on Twitter

If don't know about these funny girls, you are missing out on all the LOLs

We regularly lean on Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Sarah Silverman and Jenny Slate for a break from Twitter engagement announcements, baby photos and belfies. But don’t stop there—there’re plenty of female comedians who deliver biting humour on topics that are important to us, like equal pay, reproductive rights, social injustice and Scandal. Here are five to follow if you’re looking for less #blessed, more #restingbitchface.

Rhetta, @unforettable

As Donna on Parks and Recreation, she and Aziz Ansari pioneered the epic “Treat Yo’ Self” slogan. On Twitter, Rhetta’s energy is infectious she’s always blasting emoji-heavy tweets about her favourite movies, restaurants, musicals and shopping finds. Oh, and her Scandal live tweet alone is epic. (Look for cameo pics and vids from her old pals, like Aziz and Chris Pratt, in her feed.)  

Cherry Chevapravatdumrong, @cherrycheva

She’s a writer and executive producer for Family Guy, author of two YA novels, She’s So Money and DupliKate, and she co-wrote a Family Guy companion piece It Takes a Village Idiot, and I Married One with fellow comedian and actress, Alex Borstein. Obviously, Cherry is busy writing in the real world, so don’t expect a stream of consciousness feed, but when she does tweet, it is on point. Quality over quantity, right?

Chelsea Peretti, @chelseaperetti

She’s one of the stars of Brooklyn Nine Nine, a former writer with Parks and Recreation and has a standup special, One of the Greats, on Netflix, but Chelsea Peretti might not be in your social media Rolodex yet. Her typical posts—puppies, memes, ironic retweets—seem like child’s play at first, but it takes a comedic edge to infuse wit, attitude, feminism and cutting commentary into GIFs of Real Housewives. To boot, she has a social circle to rival Taylor Swift’s squad: she’s dating Jordan Peele, of sketch team superduo Key & Peele, and her brother Jonah, often a good-natured target of her exasperation, co-founded BuzzFeed and HuffPo.

Megan Amram, @meganamram

Another Parks and Recreation alum, Megan Amram is passionate about feminist issues, including STEM, which prompted her (satirical) book, Science… For Her! Her Twitter feed is full of silly one-liners, so-bad-they’re-good puns and hyperbolic statements. A specialty of Megan’s is confusing followers who leave her book angry one-star reviews on Amazon.

Julie Klausner, @julieklausner

You may recognize Julie from her book, I Don’t Care About Your Band, a memoir about dating all manner of unsuitable duds. She has also dabbled in YA with Art Girls are Easy, hosts a dishy entertainment industry podcast, “How Was Your Week,” and has written for pop culture sites like Vulture and The Awl. She’s been traversing the TV landscape as an actress/writier/producer who created and stars in the buzzy Hulu series, Difficult People. Julie offers something unusual in the “big names on Twitter” department in that the butt of her joke is often other celebs. Who doesn’t love a little “inside baseball” banter?

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