3 Major Reasons to Watch American Ninja Warrior (Srsly)

Sure, the name is utterly ridiculous, but this is the reality show to PVR, trust

American Ninja Warrior

(Photo: David Becker/NBC)

1. Viewing will inspire you to get to the gym, like, yesterday. American Ninja Warrior (CTV) features contestants trying to finish difficult obstacle courses—including traversing a wall via a series of tiny ledges using just their fingertips or leaping from one suspended spike to another unstable spike—with the aim of making it to the Vegas finals, where they must scale “Mount Midoriyama” (a jillion-foot-high rope). The damn courses are so hard it took seven seasons for anyone to even make it to the final stage, let alone finish it. Seeing contenders fly through these seemingly impossible obstacles is strangely addictive, even for people who don’t like watching sports on TV (i.e., me).

2. Lots of very fit ladies have performed impressive feats on the show and, refreshingly, are treated as complete equals by their fellow competitors. A five-foot-tall woman scaling a 15-foot wall? TV gold.

3. Between the encouraging commentary from hosts Matt Iseman and Akbar Gbajabiamila, and the tearjerking backstory clips, you will experience bountiful feels. Some participants are full-time trainers and the like, but many are just normals who practise on homemade courses or in the forest. One of last year’s fan favourites: a (hot) dude who needed to get in shape to carry his dying wife up the stairs at home started training for the show and got mad jacked. Cue waterworks.

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