15 Minutes With Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Andy Samberg

Samberg sits down with Erika David to answer five questions about his day job

Andy Samberg

THE FALL TV season is a time of great excitement, not only for new arrivals, but also for favourites that survived the annual cull. The Golden Globe–winning Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns this autumn, starring Saturday Night Live alum Andy Samberg, 36, who, in between rapping with The Lonely Island, producing or acting in the occasional movie and stealing scenes at awards shows, leads a pack of misfit police alongside cop-show veteran Andre Braugher on the network comedy. Samberg sat down with FLARE to answer five questions about his day job.

ED: So you didn’t have to audition?

AS: No. They came to me and said it was a detective show in New York, and I would be the lead: “You’d be a smartass who is really good at his job.” I was like, “Sounds fantastic!”

ED: How is working on the show different from Saturday Night Live?

AS: I don’t have to write for the first half of every week to be on Brooklyn Nine-Nine. I turn up, get handed all the writing and just perform, and I never get cut out of the show!

ED: What do you miss about SNL?

AS: I miss the immediacy of it. Having an idea on Friday and writing it up that night, and it’s on national television the next night, is an intoxicating thing.

ED: Could you have anticipated your Golden Globe win for best actor in a comedy series?

AS: I didn’t even think I’d win a Golden Globe for best pants. I was shocked. It was awesome.

ED: If your character could have a catch phrase for arresting criminals, what would it be?

AS: “You’ve been arrestified!”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Sundays on City.

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