10 Internet-Breaking Twitter Moments From the First 10 Years

HBD Twitter! In honour of its 10th, we count down 10 unforgettable Twitter moments

It’s hard to imagine a time before 140-character limits, Snapchat filters and Insta-stalking but it wasn’t long ago that people just ate their food instead of snapping pics and celeb feuds were the stuff of tabloid rumours. Thankfully, 10 years ago today Twitter became a reality and humans were doomed to be unproductive for all eternity—JK we live for it. Herewith, 10 unforgettable Twitter moments from a decade of LOLs, SMHs and WTFs.

1. When Charlie Sheen made #Winning a thing
Remember tiger blood? 2011 really belonged to Sheen’s epic meltdown after losing his Two and Half Men job and making people uncomfortable became his full-time gig.

(Source: mashable.com)

(Source: mashable.com)

2. When Amanda Bynes hated pretty much everyone except for Drake
The former child actress has had her share of well-documented Twitter tirades (she legit tried to start feuds with every celeb) but she took a moment from calling everyone ugly to proclaim her love for Drizzy in the most unsubtle way.

(Source: eonline)

(Source: eonline)

3. When Ellen got all the a-listers together for her epic Oscars selfie

It’s hard to compute how many celebs are in the snap but our fave is a tie between Kevin Spacey’s v. chill photobomb and Lupita’s killer smile.

(Source: twitter.com/theellenshow)

(Photo: twitter.com/theellenshow)

4. When #TheDress debate made people cuckoo
No but srsly, was it blue and black or white and gold?

(Source: etonline.com)

(Source: etonline.com)

5. When Caitlyn Jenner broke the internet
The same day she debuted as a woman, Caitlyn smashed the record for fastest-growing following on Twitter, amassing a million followers in four hours, a record previously held by none other than President Obama. #Bossy

Caitlyn Jenner1
6. When celebs pulled the ol’ tweet-n-delete
From vintage LiLo throwing shade to Russell Brand’s misguided sharing of a makeup-free pic of then-wife Katy Perry, some of the best tweets are the ones that disappeared the fastest

7. When Kanye ranted and it gave us life
Kanye on Twitter is truly a gift, with countless ego-driven proclamations, rants about everything from his distaste for suit jackets to his feud with Wiz Khalifa and all-caps take down of Jimmy Kimmel’s parody vid, but his latest tirade (claiming to be broke and asking Mark Zuckerberg for $1 billion) takes the bonkers cake.


8. When Miley had a dust-up with Nicki

The Miley vs. Nicki (and a bit of Taylor thrown in) feud started on Twitter after Nicki’s “Anaconda” was snubbed, but the dramz came to a head at the VMAs with Nicki’s epic “What’s good?”

(Source: MTV)

(Source: MTV)

9. When celebs and politicos tweeted naked selfies
There was our beloved Alison Pill’s tech snafu, Geraldo Rivera’s late night overshare that he chalked up to “tweeting after 1 a.m.,” and who could forget married former Congressman Anthony Weiner tweeting pics of his package to a college student?

10. When Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to defend hers
Love her, hate her, or just can’t look away, you have to hand it to her—Kim’s sticking to her, ahem, guns about this latest social media skirmish.


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