7 Times Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone Were #FriendshipGoals

As Oscar night approaches, we can't get enough Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling moments! Here are all the times the twosome were #friendshipgoals (and here's hoping we'll get more come Sunday when La La Land is up for a million Oscar nominations)

It’s undeniable that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling have great on-screen chemistry. From their first collab in Crazy, Stupid, Love to their Oscar-nominated  flick La La Land, the pair have worked together to create some of the most swoonable movie moments. And although the couple will never be a thing IRL, sadly (Eva Mendes is a goddess), Emma and Ryan will always be serious #friendshipgoals. Here are seven of the best #ryma moments:

1. When they admittedly had too many drinks at the Golden Globes

Ryan: “I’ve had too much champagne to answer that question”

2. When Emma made Ryan blush at the SAG Awards

One of the best things about #Ryma’s friendship is their genuine respect for each other’s work. Emma: “Ryan, you’re the best. That’s just the truth. No one can argue it.”

3. When Emma was more stoked for her BFF’s Golden Globe win than he was

Throughout the whole show, Emma and Ryan were giving us some of the best #friendshipgoals moments. We’re also pretty sure we saw Emma shed a tear when Ryan won!

4. When they retold the story of their failed dance scene in Crazy, Stupid, Love

According to an interview on The Graham Norton Show, Ryan and Emma’s Dirty Dancing moment in Crazy, Stupid, Love didn’t come as naturally as it appeared on screen.

5. When they “cemented” their friendship. On Hollywood Boulevard. Forever.

Ryan and Emma recently joined the ranks of Hollywood’s greatest, by getting their hands and feet imprinted on the walk of fame. Watch as they giggle the whole way through:


 6. When Emma playfully joked about Ryan in Vogue

You aren’t a true friend unless you can make jokes at your BFF’s expense. Emma said in a  Vogue “73 questions” interview that Ryan is “vengeful and bloodthirsty.”

7. When they kept it rill tight

Ryan and Emma are both v. private people (Emma doesn’t have any social media and Ryan keeps a v. private Twitter account) and they also like to poke fun at the Hollywood lifestyle. Like when Emma had this response when asked about her dress at the Golden Globes:

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