Eminem Speaks The Truth in Rap About Trump's America at BET Hip Hop Awards

The real Slim Shady just stood up, y'all

eminem wearing all black giving fist

(Photo: Getty Images)

The last we heard from the real Slim Shady was shortly before the 2016 U.S. election, when he released “Campaign Speech“—a single verse which runs for nearly eight minutes, in which Eminem expressly attacks then-Presidential candidate Donald Trump, mass murderer Dylan Roof and acquitted murderer George Zimmerman, among others. Almost one year after the Trump administration came into power, the famous rapper re-emerged with a fiery five-minute freestyle about “Donald the bitch,” which has since gone viral.

Entitled “The Storm,” the freestyle was filmed in Eminem’s hometown of Detroit and later screened at the BET Hip Hop Awards on Tuesday night. Covering everything from Trump’s controversial immigration policy to his reckless tweeting, Eminem held nothing back.

He talks about how Trump would rather send flurries of immoderate tweets than help the people of Puerto Rico—left without access to food, clean water and health care after Hurricane Maria—or consider the need for gun reform after the worst mass shooting in American history killed 58 and sent more than 500 people to hospital.

“Plus, he gets an enormous reaction, When he attacks the NFL so we focus on that, Instead of talking Puerto Rico or gun reform for Nevada. All these horrible tragedies and he’s bored and would rather, Cause a Twitter storm with the Packers,” Em raps.

He also speaks to Trump’s irresponsible aggression towards North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and the risk of nuclear war:

“We better give Obama props. ‘Cause what we got in office now is a kamikaze, That will probably cause a nuclear holocaust, While the drama pops, And he waits for shit to quiet down, He’ll just gas his plane up and fly around, ‘Til the bombing stops.”

Towards the end of his verse, Eminem powerfully says he’s “drawing a line in the sand” between his fans and those who also voted for Trump. “You’re either for or against,” yells Eminem. Do you have goosebumps? Because, same.

Understandably, everyone freaked out about Eminem’s mic drop, including Colin Kaepernick—the football player who started the #TakeAKnee peaceful protest in response to police violence in the United States. (Eminem dedicated “The Storm” to Kaepernick and others in the final few lines.)

And now, we wait with baited breath to see the shit storm tweet storm that comes from @POTUS. *eyeroll*

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