Emily Blunt’s Comedy Comeback

The star talks about her Prada fans and her hilarious new romantic role.

Photo Courtesy of Grey Goose/Soho House

“When I feel like I’m about to faint I eat a cube of cheese,” a woman recites in a hushed tone as Emily Blunt breezes by. The actor is clad in a black Christian Cora jumpsuit with an adventurously cut v-neck at an after party for her sharp romantic-comedy Salmon Fishing In The Yemen. The quote—a line by Blunt’s scene-stealing assistant Emily in The Devil Wears Prada—follows the actress everywhere, even six-and-a-half years after the film’s release. “‘I’m one stomach flu away from my goal weight,’ I get that,” Blunt says the next day, perched in an armchair in Toronto’s Hotel Intercontinental. “I get­–,” she channels Meryl Streep’s curt Miranda Priestley, “–‘That’s all.’”

Blunt will be reminding audiences of that knack for comic timing in Salmon Fishing, which opens in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal on March 9. She plays a sheikh’s assistant spearheading a project to introduce salmon to the desert climate of Yemen. Ewan McGregor plays Fred Jones, a social trainwreck of a scientist that Blunt’s character recruits to make the sheikh’s dream come true. The warmth between Blunt and McGregor heats up the whole film. “He cracks me up,” she says. 


It’s just the beginning of Blunt’s comedy comeback. Next month she stars with Jason Segel in the romantic comedy The Five Year Engagement and this summer she stars in Your Sister’s Sister about a grieving man’s love triangle with two sisters. But working with the likes of Segel and McGregor pales in comparison to her co-star in last year’s The Muppets, in which she had a scene-stealing cameo as Miss Piggy’s fashion magazine secretary. “[Fozzie] told me he liked my hair,” she says. “It was a big moment.”