Elizabeth Banks Launches Comedy Site WhoHaHa

The funny lady wants to help other funny ladies find LOLs with her new females-first site WhoHaha.com. Elizabeth Banks is basically the best.

elizabeth banks


She’s an actress, director, producer and now, the co-founder of a comedy site aimed at women called, fittingly, WhoHaHa.com.

The cheeky title refers to exactly what you think it does and hints at the kind of playful and female-first comedy that visitors will find on the site, which will include bold-name talent like Elizabeth Banks herself and famous funny friends (think Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Bell) along with fresh faces and known YouTubers like My Drunk Kitchen’s Hannah Hart and Toronto’s own Megan MacKay.

The Pitch Perfect 2 director decided to put together a source of support and promotion for funny ladies because, well, there wasn’t one. She told Ad Age, “There are people doing it really well for boys. I just felt like there was not a place that was doing it really, really well, and specifically, for girls and women.” Think of it like FunnyOrDie but with estrogen.

But don’t get it twisted. While WhoHaHa.com is def for the ladies, there’s still room to play with the boys and share ideas but Banks is more interested in new silly, wacky, wild and racy things coming out of a female mind with the hopes that the online community uncovers the next Carol Burnett, Tina Fey, or even Elizabeth Banks.

“We need in Hollywood and entertainment those fresh voices, and they need a leg up. I really try and have personal relationships with a lot of these women,” she told Ad Age. “I bring people in to meet at my [production] company, and we’ll be looking to do more content creation, more mentoring. Most of the people I talk to do want to be in more traditional media, and their online presence is often just a way to get here.”

Segments like “Ask A Badass” and “RIQ” (aka Really Important Questions that aren’t at all) promise to keep the LOLs coming.


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