For the Month of January 2007


“Whom do you love?” is the question around the 3rd. The answer has to do with whom you trust on the 8th; it shouldn’t be hard to tell. Unexpected upheaval seems insurmountable on the 13th, but just wait till the 16th and beyond; you’ll be amazed at the energy and focus you’ll have. You know it’s the new year around the 18th when something beyond beautiful comes your way.

Become your most exquisite self on the 3rd. The secret of this beauty is your appreciation for the gifts you have. Be pleasantly surprised on the 12th and reach for your ideal of truth or beauty on the 18th. Your relationship is worth committing to on the 22nd. If you’re not there yet, ask yourself if you want a partner. Sometimes Aquarians prefer friends to a full-time, live-in primary other.

A close friend speaks truth on the 4th—if you have the ears to hear. Give work all you’ve got on the 8th and watch the power dynamic shift on the 13th. Someone threatened by your abilities acknowledges your talent, making it easier for you to do what you do. Hidden or unrequited love stalks your dreams around the 18th. Write down what you remember. Figure out what it means on the 22nd.

Dive into professional development this year. On the 8th, learn everything you can and, from the 16th, use it to further your ambitions. This isn’t about being self-centred — it will benefit everyone. Love and friendship are intertwined on the 12th and 22nd. It could be time to recognize that good friend as a mate or maybe become best friends with the mate you already have.

A sense of responsibility around family matters gives way to some understanding and the promise of transformation from the 7th–14th. It helps if you can imagine how it was for your parents when they were your age. After the 18th, it’s easier to balance the different realities of your life. Bring beauty into the office from the 12th–22nd. A little New Year’s feng shui will go a long way.

Everyone wants to challenge you. Choose your battles wisely. In love, there is much ground to be gained for your side if you actually hear what your partner is trying to say, especially from the 8th–14th. Try repeating to him what you think you heard him say. Your creativity is stellar on the 18th—maybe for all to see, maybe for your eyes alone. Ask yourself whom your art is for, you or them?

June 21–July 22 Take a look at all primary relationships on the 3rd. No need for action as much as reflection. On the 8th, confidently ask for what you feel you deserve. Opportunity favours you and, by the 13th, you should have a sense of what you’ll have to deliver at your job this year. Listen to your loved one’s actions. If he bangs the dishes as he’s putting them away, maybe he needs to talk.

Creativity combined with hard work pays off from the 7th–15th. Recognize how well you’ve done. Romance carries the day on the 18th, even though you know that when the dust settles, something concrete will be expected. Gauge the commitment level on the 22nd. If either of you are found wanting, negotiate. No need to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Relentless renovation seems to be giving way to major expansion. Open yourself to possibilities in all realms from the 2nd–14th. Working hard because you love it brings satisfaction from the 18th–23rd. No one needs to know work feels like play but you! Let your mind wander to love after the 27th.

Plans for the future hit maximum potential from the 6th–20th. Think ahead when buying tickets or organizing a major event and you will succeed. Be open to inspiration from the world around you on the 13th — an article in a magazine could send your life in a new direction. Love is in the wind on the 18th. See if it comes down to earth on the 22nd.

Money moves in and out of your life at the speed of light, but it’s in aid of something worthwhile, so if you have it to spend, no worries. A good investment from the 7th–14th would be in your own business. You are full of useful ideas after the 16th. From the 17th–26th, invite the people you love into your home. Love sneaks in under the wire after the 27th.  

Let your passion and vision rise for the first half of January. You are energized by the world around you. Even if you don’t consider yourself an artist, you are this year. From the 18th, this energy begins to take shape. Consult someone wiser than you around the 22nd. You’ll know why on the 26th. 

  ?Julie Simmons