Drake's Dad Just Got a Tattoo Of... Drake?

It gets even weirder when you see that the tattoo Drizzy is throwing an over-the-shoulder pout...

drake on red carpet wearing white suit with black bowtie

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I never thought I’d see the day where Drake was out-Drake’d, but here we are. Dennis Graham—fellow artist and father of the 6 God—got a big ol’ pic of his famous rapper son tattooed SMACK in the middle of his right bicep.

Graham Sr. hired a tattoo artist by the name of Michael “Money Mike” Bowman for the job. Clearly, he didn’t do a *ton* of research, first—according to TMZDennis met Money Mike at his birthday party. Dennis reportedly wanted to honour Drake the same way his son honoured him (dude has a tattoo of his dad’s mugshot).

The tatt itself is hella weird. Drake is throwing an over-the-shoulder pout—something we’ve never seen him do IRL, though he is awfully pouty—and his hair line is waaaay off. All in all, not a good look.

For the record, Money Mike is extremely excited to have been involved in this meta tatt experience.

So it looks like the portrait I did on @champagnepapi father @therealdennisg is going viral! It’s literally on every media outlet in the world!!! I gotta give a huge thank you to @thedonjuanshow and @bigmarvlatinthug for the many many years of solid loyalty and the many plugs you guys have given me in my tattoo career. I don’t forget where I come from and I most definitely will not forget the people who have helped me out along the way to get where I am at today…. CHUUUCH!!! 333!!! #blessings #theartofmoneymike #pluggedup #viral #imoneverymediaoutletimaginable #goodorbadyourestilltalkingaboutme #hatersgonnahate #potatoesgonnapotate #mtv #people #tmz #xxlmag #highsnobiety #theshaderoom #E! #entertainmentweekly #entertainmentnews #bigthangspoppin #dontforgetwhereyoucomefrom #loyalty #support #iappreciateallofyou #independentartist #artsyndrometattoos #ast #supportthemovement #letsgettowork #bookyourapptnow #getinwhereyoufitin #bookingupfast

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