All the Times Drake Was the Most Patriotic Canadian

There's no fake love here

Rapper Drake and singer Celine Dion posing in white outfits

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It’s hard to find another Canadian who is more proud of their roots than Drake.

Born Aubrey Drake Graham, the 30-year-old rapper shouts out to his homeland at every opportunity he gets. Whether he’s singing about growing up in Toronto (*cough* the entire Views album), or perched courtside at a Toronto Raptors game, Drake is arguably the most loyal Canuck there is.

His obsession with Canada is a large reason why others across the world have started paying attention to us, too. Many prominent Canadians even go so far to say that Drake put Toronto on the map, and made the city “cool.” (We think we did that TBH but anyway…)

From hanging out with Shania Twain to sitting on the CN Tower, here’s 11 times Drake was the most patriotic Canadian.

When he starred on Canadian classic TV teen series, Degrassi: The Next Generation 

A GIF of Drake on Degrassi talking to a character in a dark t-shirt

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When his album cover art for Views was him perched on Toronto’s CN Tower

When he hung out with Canadian rock legend Gord Downie

Ahead by a century

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When he dropped by Ryerson University for a surprise performance—twice

When he got the CN Tower tattooed on his inner arm

Toronto with me always

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When he inspired a Heritage Minutes mashup video, dubbed “the most Canadian mashup of all time”

When he cuddled Shania Twain

My WCW even though it’s Monday. Shania.

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When he played unofficial coach to the Toronto Raptors

Drake moving around courtside at a Toronto Raptors game

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When he rocked the most fashionable winter ensemble in front of a Christmas tree and Canadian flag

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When he co-founded Canadian record label OVO Sound

A GIF of rapper Drake dancing on stage

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When he opened a restaurant in Toronto, Fring’s, named after his “happy” experiences in the city

Congrats to our other dad, @champagnepapi on the release of #morelife Post your FAVOURITE TRACK from the album in the comments!!!

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Thanks for making us proud, Drake.


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