News You Need: Drake's Literal Thirstiest Fan Just Drank All His Soda

Just hold on, he's coming home

Everything you need to know about the recent Drake robbery where all that was stolen was about $10 in beverages; inline image

(Source: Giphy.com)

An enthusiastic Drake fan just gave new meaning to the term “thirsty.” Police told TMZ that a 24-year-old woman broke into The Boy’s Hidden Hills, Cali. pad earlier this month and… drank around $10 worth of soda and bottled water.

Turns out, the thirst wasn’t just real—it was downright felonious. When one of Drizzy’s entourage walked into the house and discovered the woman casually rocking one of Drake’s hoodies (TBH, a little jealous but also DISCLAIMER: stalking isn’t funny and we’re glad our precious treasure wasn’t threatened by his unwanted new friend), the police were called. They promptly arrested the parched lady and charged her with felony residential burglary for chugging Drizzy’s dranks, including “a Sprite, a Fiji water and a Pepsi” because Cali law mandates that sticky fingers on something as paltry as a couple bottles of pop is a felony if it’s accompanied by breaking and entering. Cold.

The South Carolina woman’s round of basic beverages could cost her dearly—she’s currently still in the clink, held on $100,000 bail.

While cops are wondering how the woman got in (there was apparently no sign of forced entry), the biggest mystery remains: if Drake keeps all my fave drinks stocked, what kind of chips are in his snack cupboard?

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