Drake Makes 'Headlines' With New Music Video

The Toronto-bred rapper delivers quick-witted lyrics in new single

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Courtesy of Universal

Drake sends a love letter to his home city, Toronto, in his new video for Headlines. The song, the lead single off his upcoming album Take Care, is about the pitfalls of the Canadian rapper’s rapid rise to international fame. “I might be too strung out on compliments, overdosed on confidence,” he raps. It seems fitting, then, that the track’s video shows Drizzy returning to his hometown roots for a reality check—-most of it is shot in iconic Toronto landmarks like the Rogers Centre and the CN Tower. Underneath mild nausea caused by quick takes of Drake riding the Tower elevator up and down, we’re pretty sure that what we feel is the tingle of Canadian pride. — Allison Friedman

Watch Now: Drake’s new music video Headlines