Draketionary: The Word According to Drizzy

Drake has invented so many phrases and hashtags that have become ingrained in our daily conversation, he's basically a modern-day Shakespeare. Here, we break down the meaning of some of his most influential slang. But, it's not like you already didn't know...

drake dictionary

0-100: Accelerating, moving past the competition, blowing up in popularity, losing control.
Origin: “0-100/The Catch Up”: “F-ck bein’ on some chill shit/We go 0 to 100, n—a, real quick”
Everyday usage: “I took it from 0-100 at work this week and totally slayed my performance review.”

The 6: Shout-out to Drake’s hometown, which consists of six buroughs, and the area codes 416 and 647.
Origin: The first recorded usage was on July 14, 2014, when Drake announced his next album would be called Views from the 6. (PS, it’s now just called Views.)
Everyday usage: “Ugh the TTC was brutal this morning. This is why The 6 can’t have nice things.”

Boasy: From the word boasty, West Indies slang for confident, showboating.
Origin: “Back to Back:” “Please, somebody stop me/I’m talkin’ boasy and gwanin wassy”
Everyday usage: “I can’t decide if gym selfies are boasy or fitspo.”

Cheese: To be made a fool of.
Origin: “How About Now:” “Yo, you cheesed me dog”
Everyday usage: “Seriously, how did they do Caila like that? I will not let The Bachelor cheese me this season.”

Cyattie: A jealous or promiscuous woman.
Origin: “How About Now:” “That’s the shit I’m talking ’bout though, like you changed up, you don’t even f-ckin’ link nobody no more, you just dash me ’way like a cyattie”
Everyday usage: We refrain, because feminism.

Drizzy: In the tradition of hip-hop nicknames, it means Drake.
Origin: Drake’s Twitter handle
Everyday usage: “Do you think Drizzy and Rihanna will ever find a way to make it work?”

Draking (from Urban Dictionary): Getting drunk and acting overly emotional.
Origin: Unknown
Everyday usage: “Sorry about the texts last night, I was draking.”

Getting bodied: Getting murdered.
Origin: “Back to Back:” “Yeah, trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers/You getting’ bodied by a singin’ n—a”
Everyday usage: “My feet are getting bodied by these new heels.”

Hazey: Toronto’s Hazelton Hotel.
Origin: “Used To:” “I’ll tell ’em link up at the valley at the Hazy/Think I had the shit that had the city going crazy”
Everyday usage: “Drinks at the Hazey tonight?”

Hotline Bling: Booty calls are outdated, FWB (Friends With Benefits) are too quaint—the phrase Hotline Bling refers to a late-night relationship that is sexy, goofy, sensitive and a little bit tortured. Just like Drake.
Origin: “Hotline Bling:” “I know when that hotline bling/It can only mean one thing”
Everyday usage: “I threw my back out trying the Hotline Bling mount.”

Jimmy: Drake’s character from his days as a teen actor on Degrassi.
Origin: “The Presentation:” “They like, ‘damn who’s Drake, where’s Wheelchair Jimmy at?’”
Everyday usage: “I’m watching Degrassi reruns and never noticed how hot Wheelchair Jimmy is.”

Jungle: Toronto’s Lawrence Heights neighbourhood.
Origin: “Jungle”: “She from the Jungle/I take somebody else’s car, drive there undercover”
Everyday usage: “I have no idea where the Jungle is, ’cause I never go north of Bloor, tbh.”

OMO: On my own.
Origin: “DnF:” “OVO I ride, OMO I ride/Reps Up, them my n—s from the Scarborough side”
Everyday usage: “I’m doing Europe OMO this summer.”

OVO: October’s Very Own
Origin: The “brand and movement” co-founded by Drake (born in October), Noah “40” Shebib and Drake’s DJ and co-manager, Oliver El-Khatib; includes a record label, a shop (hello, Owl hoodie), a music festival and a radio station.
Everyday usage: “Do you think OVO has Drake’s gray turtleneck in stock?”

Team: A group of friends, ride-or-die crew
Origin: Many Drake songs, including “Big Rings:” “Cause I got a really big team/And they need some really big rings”
Everyday usage: “Squad goals are out, teams are in.”

WATTBA (What a time to be alive): Celebrating a moment in history, whether real or sarcastic.
Origin: Drake and Future’s mixtape, What a Time to Be Alive: “Man what a time to be alive/You and yours vs. me and mine”
Everyday usage: “Did you know Uber delivers food now? WATTBA!”

WOE(s): Working on excellence. Alternate meaning: friends that you confess your deepest secrets to.
Origin: “Know Yourself:” “Runnin’ through the 6 with my woes/Countin’ money you know how it goes”
Everyday usage: “Woes before bros.”

YOLO: You only live once.
Origin: “The Motto:” “You only live once/That’s the motto n—a, YOLO”
Everyday usage: “At first I was gonna swipe left, but then I thought, he’s pretty cute and YOLO!”

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