Let's Appreciate Drake For Calling Out a Groper Who Was Grabbing Women at His Show

We're cheering for our boo, but we're also wondering... did this predator get kicked out?

Drake called out groper at an after-party for one of his concerts in Sydney, Australia

(Photo: Getty Images)

Drake is extra most of the time. Seriously, look up “doing the most” in the dictionary and there will be a pic of the erstwhile Aubrey Graham, grinning ear-to-ear, hugging an NBA player, whilst bidding on very rare Birkin bags for his future wifey‘s Hermès collection. But Drizzy just joined the fight against sexual predators that women have been fighting forever and tbh, we’ll take him kicking that dude out of a concert for putting his hands on women without consent over a pile of Birkins any day.

During an after-party performance at the Marquee nightclub in Sydney, Australia on November 15, Drake cut the music and spoke directly to a man who was grabbing women in the audience, saying “If you don’t stop touching girls, I’m gonna come out there and f-ck you up.”

The crowd went wild and we’re right there with them.

But like many others on social media after our initial celebration for Drizzy (proud of you), we immediately thought, They better have removed that creep from the audience. Because while calling out this kind of behaviour is honourable, the next step—removing the threat and getting authorities involved (after all, what this person was allegedly doing is a crime)—is imperative, too.

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