Dragonette Interview

Dance-pop duo Dragonette turn the beat around


Dance-pop duo Dragonette turn the beat around

It’s hard enough to convince your significant other to hang the toilet paper the right way in the bathroom, so just imagine the high drama that could ensue if you and your honey were trying to produce a perfect pop album in the studio. Luckily, Toronto-born Martina Sorbara and Brazilian-born Dan Kurtz, the talented couple at the core of the glam electro-pop squad Dragonette, have found a way to work around bringing potential conflicts of the heart into the recording console. “Relationship issues?” laughs Kurtz, a skilled producer (he’s worked with Sarah Slean, for example) whose other band, live house act The New Deal, has made countless booties shake on dance floors around North America. “We skirt them by alternating tag-team, so we’re never in the studio at the same time.”

Sassy singer Sorbara, who writes the band’s lyrics, admits her tunes are at least partly based in reality. “When I sing ‘Your girlfriend’s got competition,’ that’s about Dan.” That’s their ridiculously hooky track “Competition,” which, along with a handful of others, scored Dragonette gigs opening for the fabulously flamboyant Scissor Sisters, with whom they share management, and a mind-blowing multi-date tour with new-wave crown princes Duran Duran. Between those high-profile shows and their au courant nouveau-wave sound (think early No Doubt with a dash of The Cars and a healthy jolt of bass-juiced disco), Dragonette wowed enough of the right movers and shakers to land a sweet deal. A major UK label will release their upcoming full-length album, which is set to come out in Canada this spring. —Sarah Liss