Donna Karan Takes an Oscar Breather

Donna Karan Takes Time Out Of Her Busy Oscar Week Schedule to do Good

Keystone Press

Felix Salzman/LookBookLA

We’re at T-minus 5 days to Oscar, and designers are in a flurry confirming dresses, jewelry, and peripheral red carpet necessities for their celebrated models, but Donna Karan is keeping her cool. Last night, she co-hosted the “NOMAD Two Worlds” exhibit opening with renowned supermodel photographer Russell James in an industrial space adjacent to Bergamot Station, a tres cool gallery complex in Santa Monica. And so, to perhaps state the obvious, the party was not Oscar-related. I must admit, it was refreshing to look up from Academy Awards madness for a moment, and shine light on something a little more, um, altruistic. The evening’s focus was on beautiful art, and Australian aboriginal rights. Donna was lovely, and generous, as always, and I was happy for a little face time. But today, the designer, who last year dressed Penelope Cruz for the Oscar ceremony, is back to the business of conquering Sunday’s red carpet. Penelope won raves for her Bordeaux-colored mermaid gown…who will the lucky girl be this time around?