Tips and tricks to bring lots of luster to your dog’s coat

Tips and tricks to bring lots of luster to your dog’s coat
Spa Dog Botanicals Urban Shampoo & Conditioner Set

Doggy shampooing
One of the keys to maintaining your pup’s shiny coat is using the right products. Never use a shampoo intended for human use. A dog’s skin is much more sensitive than human skin, so the wrong shampoo can cause excessive drying of the hair coat and flaking of their skin. According to Mika of Petgroomer.ca, the best way to find the right shampoo is through trial and error. Every dog is different and requires different products. For example, Cocker Spaniels tend to have oily skin and don’t require much, if any, conditioner. Whereas, a Maltese has very sensitive skin. When shopping for a dog shampoo, consider these factors:
1) PH should be lower than human shampoo
2) Natural ingredients
3) Tearless formula

WE LOVE Spa Dog Botanicals Urban Shampoo & Conditioner Set. Made from a nourishing and healing blend of sweet orange, balsam of Peru, ylang-ylang, comfrey leaf and other effective botanicals that will create a soft coat with remarkable sheen. Available at Terrificpets.com

HOW OFTEN Bathing should be done on an “as-needed” basis. Frequency depends on the individual pet, but Mika suggests no more than once a month. If you shampoo more often, invest in a good doggy conditioner.

TIP According to Mika Suzuki of Petgroomer.ca, the most important thing do is not get your dog wet before you’ve combed their coat—especially if you have a puppy. The softer the fur, the more important it is to brush out the knots and tangles before getting your puppy wet. Once your dog is wet, the knots become almost impossible to brush out.

Doggy brush

Doggy brushing and combing
Regular brushing is vital for a healthy coat of hair. Dog brushes also spread the natural skin oils throughout your pet’s coat, which keeps it healthy and gives it that shiny look. If you’re not sure what type of coat your dog has—and what type of dog brushes, combs and other tools you need—you may want to consult with your breeder, veterinarian or a professional groomer. Here are some brushes we recommend:

LONG-COATED DOGS Use a slicker brush (shown above) that has fine wire pins, which is ideal for removing loose hair and mats on dogs with longer coats.

SHORT-COATED OR SENSITIVE DOGS Use a brush with rounded polished tips for comfort. A bristle brush is best for everyday grooming. On a long-coated dog, a bristle brush can be used to finish the coat and bring out its natural luster and shine.

CURLY, WAVY, OR WIRY-COATED DOGS Use a pin brush—usually oval with metal bristles set in a flexible rubber base. These brushes work great to separate and untangle. Make sure you get a brush that has polished pins or coated pins so the brush doesn’t scratch and irritate your dog’s skin.

Nutro Natural Choice Ultra Large Breed Adult Dog Food

Doggy dieting
The most common cause of a dull hair coat is poor nutrition. Lower levels of protein and essential fatty acids are common culprits, so it’s crucial that your dog is fed a diet rich in proteins, complex carbohydrates and essential fatty acids.
WE LOVE Nutro Natural Choice Ultra Large Breed Adult Dog Food. Essential proteins from chicken, lamb and salmon meal provide essential amino acids and natural oils for healthy skin and a lustrous coat. But, according to Mika, a dog can have allergies just like people, so finding the right food is best done on a trial and error basis. The diet should always depend on the dog, including its individual breed.

Juicy Couture’s Dog Pawfum

Doggy Scent
Once you’ve got the luster back in your dog’s coat, it’s time to tackle that doggish odor. You may love the smell of wet dog coat, but if not—invest in some puppy perfume. After all, if you wouldn’t dare leave your home without a dab of Chanel No. 5, why shouldn’t your pup enjoy a signature scent of its own? WE LOVE Juicy Couture’s Dog Pawfum, $60, available at Juicycouture.com

OPI Pawlish

Doggy nails
Don’t dismiss your pup’s nails next time you go for a manicure and pedicure. Pawlish is a specially designed quick-dry nail polish for puppies created by OPI. Available in six bold colours at Glamourdog.com, $10, they’re perfect to wear for a morning walk.

1. For the smoothest application, first trim any fur away from your pet’s nails.
2. Holding one paw firmly but gently, stroke Pawlish on your pet’s nails. Only one coat is needed.
3. Give your pet a treat after nails are done—and let your pet know that he or she looks fabulous! (A good tummy rub at this point would be perfect!)
5. Time for a new look? To remove Pawlish, saturate a cotton pad wipe with It’s Dog Gone! Pawlish Remover. Then hold one paw firmly, but gently, and stroke pad over pet’s nails. Apply new Pawlish colour and get ready for the compliments!

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