Rihanna's Body Confidence Is Fire in DJ Khaled's New Music Video

Nothing says confidence quite like Rihanna in see-through chiffon

Singer Rihanna posing in a brown blazer, red lipstick and gold hoop earrings

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DJ Khaled just dropped the video for his sick new track “Wild Thoughts,” featuring Rihanna, rapper Bryson Tiller and a brief (but cute AF) baby Asahd cameo. But what we love even more than this collection of cuties are RiRi’s outfits. In the music vid, Rihanna is braless in sexy sheer tops, and her boobs are bouncing free. It’s a super empowering look, TBH. Watch for yourself.

The video takes place at a block party that could easily pass as the set of fashion shoot (just look at the trendy outfits!) in Miami’s Little Haiti neighbourhood. If the wild Balenciaga floral leggings and massive gold hoops don’t catch your eye, the singer’s visible breasts will. Though the braless life isn’t new to Rihanna, it’s pretty great to see her rock multiple no-bra looks in one music video.

If you spend time on the internet, you probably heard of these misogynist trolls—who don’t deserve another name-drop—and their shaming of Rihanna’s supposed weight gain. RiRi didn’t let the idiots get her down, and instead showed how much she loves her body. 

Naturally, fans are losing their minds over her style choices in the vid.

Rihanna is a firm believer in the #FreeTheNip movement, and so are we. What might seem like an insignificant wardrobe choice is actually p. inspiring. By going braless and exposing her breasts, Rihanna is sending a very clear message: women’s bodies don’t need to be censored or covered up.


Singer Rihanna in a red crop top, cheering and clapping at an award show

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