Demi Lovato's Ex Just Went Live on Instagram

And he's making some serious claims about his former fiancé

Welp, all good things (or not so good things) must come to an end. Just two months after announcing her engagement to soap opera actor Max Ehrich on July 23, Demi Lovato has called it quits with her fiancé. And it doesn’t appear as if the split was 100% amicable, with her partner of six months reportedly claiming on Instagram Stories on September 26 that he only found out about the end of the relationship through tabloids. Eeeek!

So, how did we get here? Ehrich and Lovato had a pretty whirlwind romance, even by celebrity (and Ariana Grande/Pete Davidson) standards, so fans may have some questions, like when did Lovato and Ehrich even start dating? Fear not fans, we have all the info for you. Here, a timeline of the Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s relationship, from crashed Instagram Lives to their beachside engagement and ultimate ending.

December 2019: Demi Lovato confirms her split from ex

Before coupling up with Ehrich, Lovato was in a series long- and short-term relationships. After splitting from longtime boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama in 2016, and entering rehab for substance abuse after an overdose in July 2018, Lovato was back on the dating scene in late 2018, working on her health and happiness (and briefly dating Bachelorette alum Mike Johnson). After a months-long relationship with friend Austin Wilson, the singer confirmed that she was single in December 2019 when responding to DMs from a fan.

Mid-March 2020: Rumours emerge that Lovato is dating actor Max Ehrich

Just months into the new year, and at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in North America, rumours began swirling that the “Stone Cold” singer may have a new beau in her life. In mid-March, Lovato and Ehrich, who stars on The Young and the Restless, began popping up on each other’s Instagram feeds—in the comments section at least. Eagle-eyed fans spotted the pair making some pretty flirty comments under each other’s posts, with Ehrich even posting a photo of himself snuggling with Lovato’s pups to his Instagram stories.

On March 23, Ehrich posted a *super* steamy shirtless photo of himself, dropping several hints that he wasn’t currently quarantining in his own home. ““when u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay,” the actor captioned the black and white photo.

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Packed? Quarantine stay? Ehrich 100% wasn’t at his own place and was 100% boo’d up by this point. Lovato then drove the point home, writing “Fine by me….” in the comments. Very subtle.

According to a source speaking to Us Weekly at the time, the couple had met a few weeks earlier.

March 29: Lovato and Ehrich make it Instagram official—kind of

Just a few days after Ehrich posted his shirtless selfie, the couple confirmed to the world that yes, Ehrich wasn’t staying at his own place and yes, they were totally together. But it wasn’t on purpose. On March 29, while Ehrich sang and played piano for fans during an Instagram Live on his account, Lovato accidentally popped into the video, seemingly not realizing he was live to thousands of people.

In the video, Ehrich can be seen looking off camera, mouthing “I’m on live,” to an unknown person. Lovato, unable to hear him, pops in holding a blanket and asks “hmm?” before Ehrich repeats he’s on live again.

When the reality of what he’d just said sinks in, the reaction by both is priceless, as Lovato squeals and steps out of frame and Ehrich laughs. It may have just been a fleeting moment, but fan speculation was offish confirmed. And also, Lovato looked so freakin’ happy!

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May 8: The couple officially confirm their relationship

On May 8, after months of rumours, the couple made their love 100% IG-official, in probably the coolest way possible. The pair made their couple debut in the music video for Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande’s song, “Stuck with U.” The video, which was filmed during quarantine, featured couples, families and friends both famous and non, dancing around with their quarantine partners.

In Lovato and Ehrich’s clip, the couple danced around together. “Happy to be part of something so special right now,” Lovato captioned the clip on Instagram. “Like really REALLY happy if you can’t tell.”

June 16: Lovato and Ehrich take a trip to Joshua Tree

Continuing their social media love-fest, the quarantining cuties took a trip to California’s Joshua Tree park over the weekend of June 16, sharing a series of (now-deleted) photos with their fans.

In her post documenting the weekend, Lovato addressed Ehrich, writing: “Thank you for making me so happy my dear..I love going on adventures with you.”

June 24: The love-fest continues over Ehrich’s birthday

Just a week later, Lovato once more put her love for her man on display, wishing Ehrich a happy birthday and sharing a carousel of photos of the pair. In the post, Lovato once again wasn’t afraid to gush over her BF, writing: “I spend my days with you, bare faced and in a bathing suit.. I feel unconditionally loved and accepted by you in a way that I’ve never felt before.. I can’t explain it or you.. you’re indescribable, you beautiful, man. Inside and out you are jaw-droppingly gorgeous.. You’re also such a positive lil beam of light in my life and I can’t wait to make more birthday memories together.. here’s to the future baby.”

The pair also solidified their relationship with the marker of any modern celeb relationship: a Simpsons-esque rendering.

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July 22: Lovato and Ehrich get engaged!

With all the Instagram gushing on both sides, it shouldn’t come as a huge surprise then that Lovato and Ehrich would make their coupledom life-long by getting engaged ASAP. They’re very in love! Both Lovato and Ehrich shared (now deleted) photos and video clips from the July 22 proposal.

“When I was a little girl, my birth dad always called me his ‘little partner’ – something that might’ve sounded strange without his southern cowboy like accent. To me it made perfect sense. And today that word makes perfect sense again but today I’m officially going to be someone else’s partner,” Dovato captioned a series of Instagram photos of she and Ehrich. In the photos—taken on a beach seemingly after the pair became engaged—the couple cuddle, kiss and just look genuinely in love.

Sharing his excitement on his feed, Ehrich wrote to his future wife: “You are every love song, every film, every lyric, every poem, everything I could ever dream of and then some in a partner in life. Words cannot express how infinitely in love with you I am forever and always and then some. I cannot spend another second of my time here on Earth without the miracle of having you as my wife. here’s to forever baby.”

The photos are adorable and we’re “Sorry Not Sorry,” but that rock is massive. Get it, Demi!

September 14: Past tweets and social media posts emerge

But then it got pretty messy. On September 14, Lovato defended her beau after questionable past tweets and social media posts emerged that had many fans questioning his intentions with the singer. The tweets in question are from as far back as 2010, but many include Ehrich gushing over fellow Disney tween star Selena Gomez, saying that he’s going to marry her and just generally *heavily* lusting after her.

In an old Instagram Live video, Ehrich even gushed about Gomez, saying of the singer: “I think she’s an extremely, extremely, extremely talented girl, and I’ve actually had a major crush on her since 2010,” he started. “And I—my teenage self, like, said it in an interview as well so it’s kind of been this ongoing thing but then like obviously I put it out on Twitter, and I didn’t even realize that would catch like—that people would take that like seriously.”

“But yeah, I honestly think Selena Gomez is an extraordinary women,” he continued. “What she stands for charity-wise, just being an activist, she just has a great heart. Her heart is in the right place. She loves Jesus. She loves God. She’s just like, she’s an angel, and I love her, but on top of that, I respect her musically and I want to make music with her. Okay? I want to make a song with her and put out a song.”

In response to the viral social media activity, fans online called out Ehrich for being creepy and seemingly clout chasing.

Lovato was quick to defend her fiancé. In a series of Instagram story posts, Lovato hit back at the accusations writing: “It’s really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other. If women have conflict that’s between them NOT YOU. Secondly, don’t y’all have more important shit to write about in 2020??? I challenge any tabloid that dares to type my name to mention Breonna Taylor and the fact that her murderers still haven’t been arrested. WRITE ABOUT THAT.”

September 24: Lovato and Ehrich call it quits

It may have only been 10 days, but clearly *something* has gone down between when Lovato defended her boo to now. On September 24, several outlets reported that the singer and Ehrich had called off their two-month engagement. “The relationship has ended,” a source close to Lovato told Us Weekly. According to reports, Lovato decided to end the relationship after those in her inner circle voiced their hesitancy around the relationship, as well as Ehrich’s intentions.

September 26: Ehrich speaks out on social media

Two days after news broke that the couple were done, Ehrich spoke out about the situation, implying that Lovato hadn’t spoken with him about breaking up. “Imagine finding out about the status of your relationship through a tabloid,” Ehrich wrote in a post on Instagram Stories. Seemingly doubling down after skepticism from some online, Ehrich continued: “I was on the set of my new movie, Southern Gospel, with crew and cast members right next to me who literally watched me open my phone where I then opened a tabloid. This is the God’s honest truth of how I found out about the ending of the engagement and have people from my film who saw the whole thing go down and helped me get back into character to continue my job.” Oof.

September 27: Lovato deletes social media posts

And finally, the *real* indicator that a relationship is over? Deleting all photographic evidence of it on social media. As of September 28, both Ehrich and Lovato have deleted any and all social media posts related to their relationship.

October 2: Ehrich goes live on Instagram

In the early hours of October 2, Ehrich logged on to Instagram Live to chat with his followers about the split, calling out his ex-fiancé and alleging that Lovato is using the split as a “calculated PR stunt.” In the video–which appears to have been filmed in Ehrich’s movie trailer—Ehrich talks directly to his fans, saying: “This is the most bizarre experience that I hope no one ever has to experience, ever. Because no person deserves to feel this way.

“Calculated PR stunt, but my team is going to hate me for saying any of this.” Ehrich then went on to say that he *was* in love with Lovato, before saying he hopes the singer gets a number one hit with her break-up song “Still Have Me.” “I thought I found the real deal, now I found out that I was used,” he continued. “But I hope the song is number one, because you know what, if that’s what someone wants in the material world, here you go, you have it.”

Late on October 2, Ehrich took to Instagram again to post a message to his followers, writing: “I’m truly not sure how much more of the manipulated media & cyber bullying me as human being can handle before it’s too much to breathe. I ask you kindly to stop and see a hurting human being behind this phone screen who just publicly had his heart shattered.”

The end of a (very short) era.