December Horoscope



Round and round you go, stuck in a hamster’s wheel. Yet, a sense of progress is lacking. To avoid frustration, keep on going, stay in the moment and know that changes lie ahead. In the meantime, give into the nesting urge over the holidays and do some quality duvet burrowing, preferably with someone who has true life-mate potential.



This year, you’ll be thinking fewer Martha Stewart wreaths and more overall luxury upgrades. It could be a solo project, as your other half prefers the estate of your union pretty much as is. Heading into the new year, rosecoloured glasses are your accessory of choice. And several opportunities are worth a second look. It’s best to postpone major moves, though, especially if it involves signing a contract.



The darkest time of year brings on sweetness and light for you. What’s illuminated: a brilliant social life, possible new romance and a fresh set of life goals. The latter may occur once you get away from it all, preferably on a sun-destination beach. Meanwhile, you can prove you’ve got a good financial head on your shoulders by budgeting and planning ahead. Just try it; you might like it!



’Tis the season, and a wave of party invites only adds to the frenzy. Much as you’re ready to make a big splash over the holidays, it’s best to keep the spending on cruise control. Steer around all family dramas as well and focus on the big picture stuff. A raise or promotion may seem far off, but it’s sailing your way soon.

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Enough with the dying swan act; remember, everything is beautiful at the ballet. With a little fancy footwork, a flap over finances can be avoided. Both your heart and your social life are poised for a lift, so get out and kick up your heels through the party season. A triumphant pas de deux may send your emotions soaring.



You’re juggling as fast as you can to avoid dropping a single ball. Still, there’s a limit to what you can handle, so edit some of your commitments. It’s the usual circus over the holidays, which suits you just fine. What doesn’t: the balancing act in your main relationship. You can resolve control issues by stating your needs with clarity, then give peace a chance.



It’s all play and very little work for you this month. Still, somewhere between yet another cocktail, inspiration may strike. Bring a notebook and jot down those ideas for later, when you’re contemplating where you want to be in 2010. When it comes to a certain someone, that’s a no-brainer. The passion potential is hot to melt any residual doubts.



Got a hungry heart? You’re taking great big ole bites out of life. Those high ambitions you’ve been chewing on finally get on the menu and prove to be enticing to those in a position to help you achieve them. Beyond career, your passion in other quarters flavours the time period. To paraphrase: be careful what (and whom) you lust after, as you very likely will get it—and sooner than you think.



You are one classy, self-reliant dame who runs a great game under those designer labels. Most of your little cons are in the name of “making the best use of people.” But this month, make sure your grifting is win-win or you’ll feel the heat. Speaking of which, someone close is pressuring you to give up life on the lam.



It’s all systems go, now that your ruling planet, Uranus, is onside. And the sky’s the limit, desire-wise, with such an eclectic and visionary copilot. You’re full of good cheer through the holidays, as a host of new experiences at work and play rocket you into a new orbit. By month’s end, though, you’ll have to check back with mission control.



The script could have been by Dickens: you, at the workhouse; everyone else, feasting and making merry. Buckle down and the plot will twist more to your liking. Step out and dazzle or stay in and snuggle with someone special—your choice. Just keep an eye on the budget while working your holiday magic.


By Susan Kelly. Editor, Karen Kwan.

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