Day 1 Highlights

The scoop from Day 1

Day one has arrived and it’s been a film buff’s dream. I kicked off the afternoon with Town—and had Roger Ebert and his wife Chaz sitting a couple of rows ahead of me (wonder if he’s going to give it a thumbs up? I’m betting yes). I was curious to see if Blake Lively could pull off her role as a drug addicted single mom—and she did. Note: Ben Affleck shows off some seriously crazy abs in the flick and John Hamm looks as dapper as ever as an FBI agent. Next up? Biutiful with Javier Bardem. This one is a toughie. It’s brilliantly acted by Bardem (he plays a single father dying of prostate cancer), but it’s pretty hard to watch his demise for 2 hours. Now, it’s time for a quick bite to eat before heading up to the Regency theater for two flicks with lots of buzz, Never Let Me Go and Conviction