"It Wasn't Coitus Interruptus": Dax Shepard & Kristen Bell's Kids Walked in on Them

These two have the funniest 'ship in Hollywood, amirite?

When both you and your boo are famous, it must prove pretty tricky keeping track of all the stories people have heard about you—especially when you’re both doing non-stop press. This is what happened to poor Dax Shepard, one of our fave Hollywood hubbies.

While promoting his new movie, El Camino Christmas, Shepard told Jimmy Kimmel that he was out to dinner when a drunk stranger walked up to him and said, “Hey! I just read your kids walked in on you having sex!” to which Shepard replied, “What are you talking about?!” He had no idea that his wife had told this story—LOL!

Turns out, during promotion for her own upcoming film, Bad Moms Christmas, Bell shared a hilarious tidbit about their girls, 4-year old Lincoln and 2-year old Delta, wondering why mommy and daddy were taking a nap in the middle of the day.

Shepard felt the need to clear the air while he had the chance, telling Kimmel, “They didn’t walk in while I was, like, pounding mom. We put on the TV in the living room—we’re bad parents—and we stole away for a minute, afternoon delight. We were just under the sheets!” How hard are you laughing RN? Same, same.

TBH, pretty much every time one or both of these cuties does an interview, they have us LOL’ing so hard our sides hurt. Here, 5 more times the duo has charmed the hell outta us.

When Shepard surprised Bell with her fave animal, a sloth, and she freaked the f-ck out

When Shepard explained his La-Z-Boy feud with Bell

When Bell talked about how much she loved to dramatically exit an argument

When they both  talked about their celeb crushes (hint: not each other)

…And Shepard said that Bell’s boobs have become “white noise” ever since she started breastfeeding. L O L

This one isn’t an interview, but we need to mention the music video they made for Toto’s “Africa”

Thank you, Dax and Kristen, for reminding us of what true love looks like.

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