Crockpot or Bust: Imagining Taylor and Tom’s Wedding Registry

A Hiddleswift wedding *might* be around the corner. Here's what to gift Taylor and Tom for their (maybe) impending nuptials

Social media lost its collective mind when “Tinker Taylor Snogged a Spy,” and a month later the drama has gotten even juicer. This week, Taylor dropped the ultimate bomb when she confirmed that she did indeed write ex Calvin Harris’ summer smash, “This Is What You Came For.” Calvin responded (on social media, natch) that he feels she is trying to destroy him the same way she tried to “bury” Katy Perry, confirming those long-standing feud rumours. (Katy responded with a sassy Hilary Clinton GIF and a retweet—of her own words.)

And Taylor? She has been silent, preferring to let the photos do the talking. She’s currently making the rounds with Tom in Australia (after a trip to his hometown of Suffolk, England to meet the parents) and many friends are whispering that an engagement is imminent.

To celebrate all this glorious shade throwing romance, we’re putting together a Swoki gift registry. Hollywood romance may not last forever, but monogrammed towels do.

The “Inside Joke” Gift:
Though the “I Heart T.S.” tank top Tom wore to the July 4 Rhode Island extravaganza was much-maligned on the Internet, he clearly enjoys PDA—public displays of adoration/attire. We think they’d love a set of cheeky “Make #Taymerica Great Again” hats.

The His & Hers Gift:
Taylor doesn’t strike us as someone who would give up the opportunity to capitalize on TSquared tea towels. The T&T monogram options are endless—Frette bath robes, necklaces, beach towels (they do love the beach) and luggage sets (for their jetset style) are just a few of the possibilities.

(Source: frette.com)

(Image: frette.com)

The Hometown Gift:
White BBQ Sauce from Hog Heaven in Nashville will definitely earn points for thoughtfulness. Earlier in the relationship (so, a minute ago), Tom and Taylor dined in Nashville with Holly Williams, granddaughter of country legend Hank Williams (whom Tom played in I Saw the Light). Nashville is close to Taylor’s heart as well—it’s where her career began, and she lived there for many years. We think the wedding will definitely have a country-chic vibe, don’t you?

The Splurge Gift:
The biggest pop star in the world probably has a few guitars and since Tom learned to play for the aforementioned Hank Williams biopic, it’s a hobby they can share. A rare, vintage guitar for group sing-a-longs would be a definite hit. Because you know they are getting up at their own wedding for a jam session.

(Source: instagram.com/taylorswift)

(Source: instagram.com/taylorswift)

The Nostalgic Gift:
The real star of the first photos of Taylor and Tom kissing was the curious rock sculpture in the background. Who made it? Was it placed there on purpose? Where did it come from? So many questions! While the origin of the rocks remains a mystery, a replica sculpture for their backyard would be perfect for recapturing those first magical moments of paparazzi attention.

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