Three New Crime Shows You Need to See This Week

Whether it's a an online urban legend that led to 12-year old girls stabbing their best friend IRL, an ER doctor with a side job in assisted suicide, or a small-town Northern Ontario murder of a trans teen, this is a banner week for prime-time crime. Here are this week's must-see new crime shows

1. Beware the Slenderman (Available now, HBO On Demand)

New crime show alert! 12-year old Morgan Geyser drew this image of the Slenderman before stabbing her best friend

If you are hungering for more true crime docs after binging The Jinx and Making a Murdereryou def need to watch this new HBO documentary, which is based on a creepy AF true story. Beware the Slenderman recounts the tragic events that unfolded when an ominous mythical figure birthed from Internet message boards compelled two 12-year-old girls to kill their best friend (the doc features prison footage of the girls describing the events in detail). Chilling interviews with their parents showcase the scary reality of parenting in an a digital age and how the web can twist young minds. Or were they twisted to begin with?

2. Mary Kills People (Jan. 25, Global)

Three new crime shows to watch this week, including Mary Kills People

This female-led drama follows the life of Mary, an ER doctor—played by Caroline Dhavernas—with a secret side job: helping people die with dignity. (Check out Briony Smith’s interview with Dhavernas here.) We follow single-mother Mary as she meets new assisted-suicide clients while staying one step ahead of the police. This is not your typical snoozy Canadian drama—the series addresses the issues of euthanasia in a refreshingly nuanced way. (The series has even been picked up to run in the States; Lifetime will pair the show with FLARE favourite UnREAL this summer.)

3. Cardinal (Jan. 25, CTV)

New crime show alert! Cardinal is one of our favourites

This chilling Canadian drama follows detective John Cardinal as he searches for a vicious killer in small-town Northern Ontario. Throughout this six-part series, you can expect gorgeous shots of the frozen north, plus one totally kick-ass lady detective. Award-winning Canadian actress Karine Vanasse plays a gifted investigator named Lise, who challenges everyone around her with her intelligence, determination and quick wit. We’re also p. into Cardinal and Lise’s on-screen chemistry.

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