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Watch Now: Diane Kruger's April Cover Shoot in L.A.

The classically beautiful actress on the set of her FLARE cover shoot in Hollywood

Video Created by EagleVision

Diane Kruger has to be one of the most desirable starlets to grace the silver screen, not only for her close-to-perfect face—her breakout role was, after all, the mythic beauty Helen of Troy—but also for her exceptional style sense. She’s lauded by the fashion police (us!) for wearing risqué looks from Chanel, Nina Ricci and Versus, and one need only reference her flawless red carpet parade (witness her display at Cannes 2012) to know she’s a designer’s dream get. As it happens, however, she’s already been claimed by another pined-for star, Canada’s own Joshua Jackson. Together, they might just be the most handsome couple out there, full stop. (Really, what girl doesn’t have a little place in her heart for Pacey?) It was with these heady feelings—fashion and otherwise—that we welcomed Kruger to our L.A. shoot. She jumped right on board with the modern-femme wardrobe, feeling a little extra love for a certain pair of studded Louboutin heels. And while we were disappointed that Jackson didn’t accompany her, Kruger brought another date who was almost as sweet, her cat. In the end, we were so smitten, we asked the feline to co-star.

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On the cover, Diane Kruger is wearing a Bottega Veneta dress, a Louis Vuitton headband, Efva Attling earrings, Jennifer Fisher rings, a Chanel vintage bag, and Christian Louboutin shoes. For where to buy, see Stylesource. Photography, Autumn De Wilde; styling, Erin Walsh; hair, Jamal Hammadi, Hamadi Organics; makeup, Kate Lee, Chanel,; manicure, Debbie Leavitt, Cloutier Remix; associate art director, Michèle Champagne.