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Watch Now: Greta Gerwig's Cover Shoot in New York City

Go behind-the-scenes with Greta at her FLARE cover shoot

Video by EagleVision

Frances Ha features actress Greta Gerwig at her most indie-girl awkward, from flailing through dance class and bailing on the street to play-fighting in the park and galumphing around town in capri-length leggings. The Greta who showed up on our set had all the charm and chattiness of her title character in Noah Baumbach’s highly anticipated new film, but none of the flail, embodying high-fashion grace on camera and off. Our cover star clicked with photographer Max Abadian right away, and even mastered the ever-tricky but-what-do-I-do-with-my-hands? issue—perhaps by channelling fave models Raquel Zimmermann, Doutzen Kroes and Arizona Muse. Real-life Greta has amazing taste—she cites Marni, Acne and Steven Alan as a few of her favourite labels—and decided opinions: she wanted her hair big and bigger. Between outfit changes, Greta cracked jokes, rhapsodized about her current obsession with Paris and shared her to-do list, which included several writing projects and moving into a new apartment. At the end of the day, she donned her black dress, tights and ankle booties and headed off to Passover dinner, just another breaking talent on the go in New York City.

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Photo by Max Abadian

Photo by Max Abadian

On the cover: Greta Gerwig is wearing a Marc Jacobs top and Jonathan Saunders skirt. Photography, Max Abadian; hair, Keith Carpenter; makeup, Brigitte Reiss-Anderson, both, The Wall Group; nails, Fleury Rose, Illamasqua; fashion editor, Fiona Green.