Cover Stars

Our February Cover Girl is…Nina Dobrev

The up-and-coming Canadian starlet graces our February 2011 cover

“I don’t see myself any differently than I did a few years ago,” says 22 year-old Nina Dobrev from the set of our Toronto cover shoot. “Aside from the fact that I’ve moved over nine times and I’m now a bloodsucker,” she adds with a laugh. “It’s been a step by step process and I’ve had the luxury of adjusting to every different phase.”

Dobrev’s journey to TV sensation and cover girl started two years ago, when her Degrassi: The Next Generation character boarded a plane headed for Paris to pursue a career as an international model. It ended up being a case of art imitating reality when in real life, after the episode wrapped, Dobrev packed her bags and left her hometown of Toronto to try her luck in Hollywood. The move paid off in spades. In less than a year, she landed the coveted parts of Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in The Vampire Diaries.

In addition to starring in the hit vampire series, Dobrev is also set to play Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz’s pregnant wife in the upcoming thriller The Killing Game, opposite Samuel Jackson.

Dobrev can currently be seen in The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays @ 8pm ET/PT on /A).  For more of my exclusive interview, check out the February issue of FLARE, on newsstands January 10th. Here’s a teaser until then:

Diary she would love to read:
“I would never actually read anyone’s diary, but I would be fascinated to step into Rachel McAdams’s shoes. We’re both from Ontario and studied in Toronto so I’d be interested to know what her process, achievements, and hardships have been throughout the years. She’s a great talent who holds her own opposite names such as Robert Downey Jr., Diane Keaton, Eric Bana, and Harrison Ford.”

Her most memorable day:

“There have been so many, but most recently, being part of The Emmys was pretty incredible. I documented every moment from the recording of the Bruce Springsteen track “Born To Be” to the rehearsals with Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, and Jane Lynch (to name a few) to the on stage performance/dance we all did on Emmy night. It was so exhilarating and fun.”

The best date:
“It’s a toss up between two: “[In the first], I was supposed to have a date with someone, and at the last minute I had to fly to another city for business. Not only was he extremely understanding of the whole situation, but he surprised me by flying to meet me for dinner later that night. I was shocked at how far (literally) he would go to surprise, and spend time with me. It was very romantic. [In the second], after a long, extremely exhausting, and emotionally draining day on set, I got back home to find my boyfriend in the kitchen making me dinner. He handed me a glass of wine and walked me into the living room where there was a massage table set up. He said ‘You’ve had a rough day, I have a masseuse coming to the house in a few minutes and after you’re finished with your massage dinner will be ready.’ I almost died. That is what I call romantic and thoughtful.”

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