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On Set With Coco Rocha at Our November Cover Shoot

FLARE’s guest editor takes over and delivers a master class in pose alongside a varied cast of hotel characters

Coco Rocha and makeup artist

9:30 a.m. Coco arrives at the Dream Downtown hotel with her husband and manager, James Conran, and best friend, Veronica Chu (also the makeup artist on set). The trio is excited to bring Coco’s vision to life: vignettes of hotel characters crossing paths with a model on the go.

On Set with coco Rocha Jewellry

11 a.m. Disappointed by the absence of breakfast sandwiches on the catering menu, Coco settles for eggs and toast. However, her spirits are immediately lifted when five-year-old model Harrison Lerner arrives on set, looking dapper in a Lacoste polo and shorts.

Harrison Coco Rochas Son

(Photo: Andrew Soule; Styling: Martha Violante. Shot on location at Dream New York.)

2 p.m. It’s a pose-off! Harrison in swim trunks and water wings gives Coco—in architectural Thom Browne—a run for her money with his excited! expressions. Once photographer Andrew Soule has the shot, Harrison is free to go. As a thank-you, Coco gives him the totally tubular Ninja Turtle flip-flops he modelled to take to camp.

On Set With coco Rocha coat

3:30 p.m. Stylist Martha Violante works with Coco to pick the next look, which will be photographed in the hotel lobby. They decide on a luxurious Prada coat in plum with yellow accents, and dramatic A-Morir tasselled sunglasses.

Coco Rochas Clothing racks

4 p.m. For the last set-up, the crew crams into a narrow hallway, where Coco poses in head-to-toe clashing prints by Alexander Wang while a gawking maid (played by Martha’s assistant, Corinne Krishnan) juggles a tower of towels.

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For a flawless cat eye, CoverGirl makeup artist Veronica Chu traced along Coco’s upper lid using small strokes of liner. “Determine the wing’s length and draw it backwards, doing the flick first, then connect it to the end of your eye,” says the pro.