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Canadian All-Star Elisha Cuthbert

Our July cover star talks hockey, Hollywood and Happy Endings

Photo by Chris Nicholls

Elisha Cuthbert, 28, was in a great mood at Flare’s July cover shoot. And why shouldn’t she be? Her new sitcom, Happy Endings, is building a following as a sort-of Friends: The Next Generation. She’s officially in love with her boyfriend, Toronto Maple Leaf captain Dion Phaneuf. And she’s nothing but optimistic about the future. “My passion is to be better, to always improve,” she tells Shawna Cohen in FLARE’s July issue.

In an exclusive interview, Elisha Cuthbert talks about fame, fashion, and
playing her most personal role to date.

On Alex, Her Happy Endings Character
“I’m more like this character than any other character I’ve played. Though [Alex] has an airiness about her whereas I’m more neurotic, more intense. I’m a pretty deep thinker.”

On Her Parents Letting Her Move To Hollywood Alone At 18

“They knew I was mature enough and not one of those wild children. This was my college experience, really.”

On Rehabilitating Her Shopaholism
“There was a time that I was splurging quite a bit on fashion but then I realized, I’m going to be broke! I realized I had to find a way to express myself without being covered head to toe in designer clothing. I mix it up now.”

On Cheering On Her Boyfriend, Dion Phaneuf
“I love to watch him play.”

See Elisha Cuthbert on FLARE‘s cover and read the full story in our July issue