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Five stylish romance films to get you in the mood

Couture Cinema
Five stylish romance films to get you in the mood

Romantics are not a dime a dozen. For every average Don Juan or Juanita who loves the simple chocolate-and-flowers approach to Valentine’s Day, there’s a few crazy-in-love couch-jumping TomKats who love to love in the most peculiar of ways. So, to satisfy every type of sweetheart this V-Day, we’ve rounded up a few must-see flicks to spend the night with.

You love: Your mom. Your sisters. But also the guy they veto.
Your look: Banana Republic chic
Your film: Because I Said So
The gist: Here’s a new/old sparkle-and-fluff rom-com that could be a valentine to all the women in your family (the ones you adore and the ones who make you mental – and those are usually the same ones). For a lesson in how to age beautifully, see Diane Keaton, gorgeous as ever and in her 60s. Keaton plays the meddling mother of three daughters who is obsessed with setting up her youngest (Mandy Moore, growing out of virginal teen queen into a woman who’s not afraid of a little cleavage).

You love: The cute foreign guy – and his best friend. The moment. Jumping into the river to make a point.
Your look: Striped boatneck tops and espadrilles
Your film: Jules et Jim
The gist: Impetuous Catherine (screen legend Jeanne Moreau) has two men in her life: Jules and his best friend, Jim. The threesome’s wild Parisian youth is corrupted by the First World War and adulthood, but for a brief moment, they were a madly-in-love trio. Though set in the 1910s and ’20s, the 1961 film exudes ’60s-style freedom, even in fashion: Moreau trades her chin-high collars for luxurious loose hair and boho oversized sweaters, and no one wears the seminally French black-and-white striped shirt better.

You love: The nerd who makes you laugh. A flea market. Neurotics.
Your look: Rumpled vintage hipster
Your film: Annie Hall
The gist: The 1977 Oscar winner for Best Picture is still the funniest autopsy of a love affair ever. In this very New York story, sweet, anxious Annie Hall (Keaton, again) and phobic comedian Alvy Singer (Woody Allen) are lovers, and then they’re not. Keaton brought her own thrift-store androgyny to the part – credit, or blame, her for Avril Lavigne’s ties – and, to this day, the quirky, carefully careless art-school look – waistcoats and men’s wear – owes her a debt. 


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You love: The unemployable artist type. Complicated lingerie. Love.
Your look: Beaded , ornate and elegant
Your film: Shakespeare in Love
The gist: Sandy Powell, who earned the 1998 Oscar for Costume Design for these sumptuous clothes, understands movement as much as period perfection: her heroines are under dozens
of pounds of velvet and silk, but they never
look consumed. The farthingales and pearled dresses are as romantic as the film in which poor Shakespeare (Joseph Fiennes) finds
his muse in a rich girl (Gwyneth Paltrow) who dreams of taking the stage at a time when women were forbidden to do so.

You love: The biker dude. Leather. The short, spectacular fling.
Your look: Gun moll
Your film: Bonnie and Clyde
The gist: They met when he was trying to steal her mom’s car; he flashed his gun and she liked it, if you know what I mean. Anyone who’s ever had a thing for the bad boy will appreciate
the 1967 classic about Depression-era outlaw lovers Clyde Barrow (Warren Beatty) and Bonnie Parker (Faye Dunaway). Designer Theadora Van Runkle started a late ’60s fashion frenzy with everyone turning Bonnie in berets, bobs and slim skirts.


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