Cole Sprouse on a Motorcycle Is Here to Make Your Freakin' Day

But the real question is: does he keep his signature crown tuque on under his helmet?

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

(Photo: Netflix Canada)

Whether you’re suffering from the “is it the weekend, yet?” blahs or the post-Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend sads, Cole Sprouse on a G-D motorcycle is here to wipe away all your tears. That’s right, Jughead stans, Riverdale Season 2 is finally here (praise be!) and the premiere episode did not disappoint. But in case you’re at work/school/any number of non-Riverdale-centric responsibilities and can’t watch the new ep until tonight (it’s on Netflix Canada RN, BTW), Cole Sprouse, a.k.a. Jughead, on a motorcycle is here to get you through.

Here he is marching over to the tarp-covered motorcycle in an extremely weather and motorcycle riding-appropriate outfit:


And here is ripping said tarp off the bike (with artistic flourish, I must say). This is also where he chooses two wheels over the perfectly sensible car that’s sitting right there. Bad boy status: confirmed.


BEHOLD, the motorcycle (Jughead low-key looks like he just completed an intensely dramatic magic spell and I’m living for it).


And here he is atop the hog and somehow, some way making the dorky helmet—complete with tiny crown etched on the front since because, hello, that’s Jughead’s brand—work.


Finally, a parting shot that gives me minor heart palpitations because LOOK HOW CLOSE HIS DECORATIVE WAIST-TIED FLANNEL SHIRT IS TO THE PEDAL.

This wild ride was bound to happen, right? Season 1 ended with our beloved Juggie tossing on the quintessential bad boy leather motorcycle jacket—thus marking the official beginning of his journey to Southside Serpentdom—so hopping on an *actual* motorcycle couldn’t have been far behind. TBH, I’m just surprised (and THRILLED) it happened so early in the season. Is a ride à deux with his girl Betty on the horizon? We can only hope.

Cole Sprouse leather jacket gif

You do you, bad bwaa!

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