Ciara Shared a Video About What Women Can Do to Find a Husband and the Internet Is Pissed

Join us on this quick trip back to the 1960s, I mean, Ciara's Instagram. The singer posted a vid about how single ladies need to stop "walking in the spirit of ‘girlfriend'" if they want a husband

ciara shares video about how to become a wife

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Ciara, girl—you just took one-two steps in the wrong direction.

On Saturday, the artist shared a clip from a sermon by popular minister John Gray to her Instagram and it pissed the internet *right* off. In the clip, Gray talks about his “single sisters” and why so many of them, sadly, are without a husband. (He says this is because, “too many women want to be married but [they’re] walking in the spirit of ‘girlfriend.'” Um…)

Gray went on to say that the only way a woman can find a man is if she starts to reevaluate her integrity (or lack thereof). “You’re not a wife when I marry you, you’re a wife when I find you. […] A wife is not the presence of a ring, it’s the presence of your character.”

K, I just had to stifle a very audible sigh. But here’s what was worse: Ciara posted the video with the caption, “#LevelUp. Don’t settle,” which we’re pretty sure is meant to be advice about how to lock in a full-time boo.

#LevelUp. Don’t Settle.

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Sorry, have we transported back to the 1960s? Because this sounds a lot like what our parents were taught when they were kids. With the topic of feminism dominating the conversation about the current political climate, it’s shocking that Ciara would agree with the sentiment that women have to change who they are so that a dude will put a ring on it.

Several of Ciara’s fans took to Twitter to express their dismay about the video…

… And Bernice King, Martin Luther King Junior’s daughter, shared an eloquent thread about all that’s wrong with what John Gray and Ciara are promoting.

On Sunday, Ciara took to Instagram again to reply to the backlash from her reposting the video. “I was a single mom sitting at home, and I then realized that the perfect love I was looking for was how God loves me, how he wants me to be loved, and who he was calling me to be as a mom and a woman,” she wrote in a statement. “That’s when I realized married or not married… I needed to love myself.”

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OK, so, deciding to share the video was disappointing, but Ciara’s response the second time around is way better. We’re very here for loving yourself first and foremost, above all else.


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