Chrissy Teigen Is Worried She Won't Give Luna Enough Attention When Her Boy Is Born

This is some super honest shizz

Model Chrissy Teigen holding Luna

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If Chrissy Teigen wasn’t real enough, she just opened up about her parenting fears—and they’re totally relatable.

In a recent interview with The Cut pegged to her partnership with Pampers Pure—a new line of diapers that are apparently “not ugly”—32-year-old Teigen revealed she doesn’t think she’s an expert at parenting, and worries. A LOT. The funny AF model told the outlet that even though she and 39-year-old hubby John Legend are parents to Luna (who is nearly 2!), she still has concerns about being a mom.

“I still hit up other people for advice all the time, especially people with two kids,” Teigen said, who is expecting a baby boy. “That’s something I’m really curious about right now—how to deal with your first when you have a second coming along, especially when they’re so young.”


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Teigen also said that she fears when her son is born, Luna may feel neglected. “I get really worried I’m not going to pay enough attention to Luna,” she explained. “But they’ve told me you actually start overcompensating and paying too much attention to your first. So there are a lot of these little things I always wonder about.”

But, despite her worries about Luna no longer being an only child, the hilarious mama told The Cut that her daughter is “pretty independent.” “Aside from John, she’s not really attached to any one place or any one somebody,” she said of the toddler. “But I think that’s going to be really hard in a few months, when she sees me breastfeeding Baby Boy. All I can do is really worry about the future. But for now, it’s not too bad.”

If Teigen and Legend’s Instagram accounts are any indication, we’re confident their adorable obsession with Luna won’t die down when another babe joins the fam. If anything, we are stoked to see TWO cuties taking over their feeds. Eeek!

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