10 Things We Learned About Chrissy Teigen from Vogue’s 73 Questions

We've been waiting for this FOR. EH. VER.

Chrissy Teigen smiling in her Beverly Hills kitchen

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Chrissy Teigen is an open book to her millions of loyal followers on social media, but even she has some secrets. Luckily for fans, Vogue dropped by her luxurious California mansion to quiz her on everything from her ideal date night in with husband John Legend to her best kitchen hack to her favourite thing about being a mom. The supermodel flew through the glossy’s popular “73 Questions” interview series without breaking a sweat, and here are 10 of her biggest confessions.

Barack Obama helped named baby Luna

Her and Legend first met the former President of the United States back in 2008. She described Obama as “charming and brilliant,” revealing that he even gave her baby name advice! A fun fact that Luna can use later in life as the ultimate ice breaker.

She loves being her daughter’s personal photographer

Surprise! Teigen’s favourite thing about being a mom is “taking the photos.” Her second favourite, of course, is hearing all of Luna’s new words. But the hardest thing about being a mother of one is the super early wake up calls, she shared with a laugh.

Chrissy Teigen in her backyard, kissing her new puppy's nose

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Her favourite social media platform is Twitter

The model has a huge internet presence, but if it came down to using only one platform she’d pick Twitter. “You have more of a voice,” she explained, adding that it’s important for her to speak up now that she has a daughter. Fun fact: she was recently blocked by President Donald Trump.

She loves living with her mom

The Hollywood A-lister joked that having a live-in mom is the best kitchen hack she has, “I’d say having your mom live with you; that helps!”

She is John’s biggest fan

When asked what she’s most proud of, Teigen didn’t hesitate to say, “John’s Oscar.” The 38-year-old won the award in 2015 for his song “Glory.” She also revealed her favourite song in her husband’s catalogue is the track he wrote for her – “All of Me.”

Chrissy Teigen standing in front of her husband John Legend's wall of awards

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She’s a total foodie

She published her first cookbook “Cravings” last year, and will be releasing her second cookbook in 2018. It will have “a lot more cravings!” said the star. Bonus food facts: her favourite dish of Legend’s is fried chicken and she never wants to eat liver and onions. And when it comes to late night eating, the model reaches for a Hot Pocket. #Relatable.

She saved someone’s life!

As if we needed another reason to love her! Teigen revealed that she once rescued an elderly man off an escalator.

She has some epic love advice

The bond between Teigen and her hubby is clear to see, and the star revealed what it takes to keep the spark alive: “keeping it sexy” and “taking super sexy photos”! But anyone who knows Teigen, knows she has quite the sense of humour…

Chrissy Teigen taking a selfie, wearing scary Halloween teeth

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Her style icon is Kate Moss

The fashion maven herself loves the ‘90s so it’s fitting that her style icon is the legendary Kate Moss. The best item of clothing she’s ever worn? The Oscars Marchesa gown she stunned in while still pregnant with Luna last year.

She’d rather stay in for a date night

While most stars are spotted enjoying romantic dinners on the town, the Hollywood power couple prefer to stay in for date night and watching Real Housewives. But when they do head out, her rule for dressing up is “show a little bit of skin.”

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