Cher To Stage Broadway Musical About Her Life

The iconic singer will stage an autobiographical musical using her hit songs

Photo Courtesy of Sony

We’re surprised it took her this long. Iconic singer Cher is in the process of staging a Broadway musical about her life, which would feature some of her hit songs from the past five decades.

“Prod[ucers] r trying 2 write musical now about my life with my music,” Cher wrote via Twitter, adding that there would be three different Chers in the musical: one before meeting future husband Sonny Bono, one after her split from Bono, and another representing the modern-day Cher. All in sparkly, over-the-top outfits — guaranteed.

“I was there & know stories that no1 knows but me ! I hope it happens!,” said Cher. “Its VERY SLOW PROCESS! been working on it quite a while now.”

The singer is currently working on a new album, which is only described as ‘hardcore dance’ music. One track was even written by Lady Gaga and produced by RedOne, so can we expect a new chart-topping Cher to bust onto the scene? – Christian Allaire