Cher Hair: Get On The Hip-Grazing Trend Inspired By the Icon

From JLo to Rihanna, celebrities are embracing the long locks look we like to call Cher hair—and an expert filled us in on how to get the sleek 'do


You know it: a perfect center part, maximum shine and impossibly straight strands down to there, and you’ve seen it all over red carpets. But Cher was flipping her glossy mane around as far back as the late ’60s, and while we’re pretty sure hers was real, we doubt the celebs jumping on the trend now found a way to magically grow their hair in a matter of weeks. We spoke to an expert to get the scoop on their sorcery.

“They’re most definitely all wearing some form of extensions,” says Jessica Iozzo, owner of Bond Girl Hair, an extension salon in Toronto. “A client who already has long hair can easily achieve this look with tape extensions, while someone with shorter hair would benefit from fusions, because the bonds are so tiny and discreet.”

Super confused? We can explain. Tape extensions are attached by sandwiching small sections of the hair between two strips of extensions. “My clients are always amazed and shocked at how lightweight they feel,” Iozzo explains. “Fusion extensions are the most popular method among my clients. Heat is used to attach little keratin bonds to small sections of your hair. They are very low maintenance, durable and easily disguised when wearing your hair up. Neither of these methods will cause damage, as long as you take care of them.”

Iozzo says that the trick to getting a long, seamless look is all in the placement of the extensions. “For this particular look, I would definitely put extensions closer to, if not in the bangs to create the long, layer-less look, which can be done using both fusion or tape extensions.”

Once you’ve got your extensions in place (or if you’re lucky enough to have long hair already), here’s how to style it:

  1. Begin with freshly washed hair. Jessica recommends using a sulfate-free shampoo, since it will be more gentle on the bonds and on your scalp.
  2. While hair is still wet, part it down the center and apply a smoothing serum. Pump a small amount into your palms and work it throughout the hair, root to tip.
  3. Next, blow-dry hair in small sections. Use a heat-protecting spray before going over hair with a straightening iron. This will prolong the wear of your extensions.
  4. Straighten the hair, carefully bringing the iron to the roots to ensure that hair is smooth and flat to your head. There is nothing worse than spotting a few wavy pieces of hair that avoided the straightening iron once you’ve left the house.
  5. Maintaining that perfect middle part is key to this look. Fill in your part with a hair powder to ensure that your roots appear as full as your ends. Use an eye shadow brush to apply this to sparse areas on your scalp.

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