Chatting with Eva Mendes

Finishing off the festival with an interview with Eva Mendes

Yesterday was my last day of TIFF interviews. I finished the festival with a round table with Eva Mendes. Luckily, the two other journos doing the interview were men—both of whom seemed too smitten with Mendes stunning looks to come up with many questions. As soon as I sat down and said where I was from, she gushed over how much she loves our magazine (always a nice way to get things started). I returned the compliment by letting her know how much I loved her TIFF flick Last Night. It’s a relationship drama that deals with infidelity and stars Sam Worthington, French heartthrob Guillaume Canet, and Keira Knightley. Mendes plays “the other woman,” but it’s a rich role that showcases her acting chops while confirming her sex symbol status.

Besides smoldering on screen, Mendes has been busy working on a line of housewares, available at Sears, and stepping behind the camera to direct a short film starring Christina Ricci. But it’s her upcoming turn as Maria Callas that has us most excited. The film, which is still in development, will tell the story of the love affair between Callas and Aristotle Onassis. Mendes confessed that she has someone on her wish list to play Onassis, but she was too superstitious to share the info.